Is It Just me or have it become alot harder to play as monster



In these recently games I have played. I realised that you no longer can sneak as much as you could before.
I usually started with sneaking almost the whole time, but now as fast as i sneak they manage to get to me pretty fast.
I pretty much cant use sneak tactics anymore :confused: and thats the one way i loved to play as a monster. Now I only can run and leave tracks all the time :sob: or Is It just me.
Also from my opinion I think the smell ability have become too short.

And I feel like the games have become alot more stressful now when its only 12 min in a game instead of 20


Yea I used to always sneak from the drop point but with the planet tracker there isn’t much point to that. Now I just put as much distance as I can between me and the drop point as I eat, then as I’m tracked I’ll move one way then sneak and move the other as soon as the tracker drops.


hm that was pretty smart done, I will try it. but I still miss the old ways :confused:


Do you have any tips on perks that i could use ?


Well I only play Kraken right now and while I think I’m doing pretty well I’m pretty rusty and was never too up on the meta.

Right now I use Unstoppable for Rank 1 and Mutated Haste for Rank 2, though I’m working on getting Mutated Recovery instead. I’m still a ways away from unlocking a Rank 3 perk so I haven’t really given it much thought.


Hunger is a great choice for a monster that isn’t going to sneak(in twitch-speak it’s known as a loud monster).

What monster are you playing? Makes a big difference for rest of perks.


If you’re able to successfully evade hunters and eat without movement or speed-eating perks, CDR perks end up being extremely useful in fights no matter which monster.


The only monster I don’t take hunger with is Kraken because AFAIK Movement Speed doesn’t affect his traversals in Stage 2, and since he’s flying all the time it’s better to take a traversal helping perk for Tier 1.


Harder? No.

Different? Yes.


Yeah stealth is an option, just sneak in between planet scans. I usually only sneak once i’m level 2 though. I like to kind of meander around my food until they use planet scan for the first time, then I try to haul ass as far as i can in a different direction once it’s on cooldown. I’ll probably get into one fight, then once i get away and get stage 2, I sneak. I only sneak to engage though, never to get away. I like misleading the hunters then try to catch one of them out of position. Getting their medic down will be devastating for a stage 2 fight. So my sneaking is only ever aggressive. Too much sneaking to get away makes for a boring game, low rate of feeding, and eventually leads to monsters getting their asses handed too them if they do it too much, because the hunters WILL find you.


I play all of them^^


CDR is great with all.

Crippling attack when upgraded is great for Goliaths, Wraith, and Gorgon. Sorta on Kelder.

Goliaths appreciate the Brawler perks.

I try to go for two mobility perks and one CDR perk with Bob.

Kraken loves CDR so take two of those. Elder has short cooldowns so I’d only take one CDR.

I like to take Mutated Claw+CDR with Wraith.

I haven’t played Gorgs.


hmmm should test it out


I go full damage resistence with goliath.


Goliath and Behemoth are both easier to play now in my opinion, with the extra skills at stage 1.
But then again, I never relied on stealth other than juking, which is a bit of a waste of a time right now.

However, I love fighting and fighting earlier is a lot easier now, so I’m super happy with this as a monster.

Yeah, same here. 30% reduction is 43% more effective health which is pretty neat.
I wonder if they changed it so it works on armor, because I’m pretty sure it didn’t before Stage 2.


@MrTalha I wonder what a max speed build is like :smile: on wraith or miley.


Move speed is sorta lackluster because most of the time is spent using traversals.


I just created a thread for seeing the max speed besides @MaddCow it could be funny xD.


Compared to Stage 1 Evolve, y’know, the full-priced game, monsters do seem to have been nerfed significantly, the greatest of which (I think) seems to be how wildlife gives you less Energy for your Evolve meter. Those two-legged strider dudes used to give 3 chunks, not 2. Elite Wildlife (anything fucking /big/) used to give you 4. I think that’s probably the biggest blow to playing as monster. Most of the monster nerfs that came about were from new players (admittedly, like me) who bitched about monsters being OP. So now the rounds are heavily, heavily skewed towards the hunters. Damage reduction perks are borderline necessary for almost any monster if you want to last more than 1 dome.

In my opinion, Wraith is still a little too strong right now, but I’m tempted to buy her now that I have 10k keys and give her some practice. We’ll see if I change my mind. i do think that Goliath and Gorgon need some love, Kelder too, since he’s supposed to be the more ground-based variant. He should really be a little tankier.

Gorgon especially. her displacement is fucking great and while I suck in general as monster, I will say that I feel especially useless in combat, especially against anyone with shields. I think she’d really benefit from a damage buff, and/or allowing her to place more than one Spider Trap since that’s her bread-and-butter.

Right now, and take this with a grain of salt since I am not a big ol’ veteran of every character or monster or map yet, but bursty monsters like Wraith, Meteor Goliath, and (althought I’ve not fought him often) Goliath seem to be way better than, say, Gorgon, who is advertised as “wearing her opponents down over time”. With the burst heal and shields provided by, well, every medic and most Supports (Sunny and Hank specifically), it’s really hard to take the hunters down, even at Stage 3, with DOT or “zone-control” abilities like Gorgs.