Is it just me or has Behemoth been neutered?


Got to say Behemoth feels so weak now, stage 1 attacks so feeble, even as Elite, armour vanishes like never before. Have had under 4 min win games but now…Even with damage bonus perk at 3 stars he just doesnt cut it anymore for me.

Real shame


Yup, just fought him…

in 1 Second 5 bar melted, literally and we had no Hank/Torvald…


Well I’ve been utterly destroying teams with him at stage 1 by taking three points in either lava bomb or fissure. Other than the broken kraken, he’s the strongest monster in my opinion and in fact he’s my new main monster, I love using him that much.


I find that he’s excellent for pubstomps. Pubs aren’t great at working around his strengths and exploiting his ginormous weakspots- in more ways than one. :stuck_out_tongue: Against a well-oiled team though he’s sort of a joke. He can’t touch you, just hop from pillar to pillar, little bit of heals and shields and meanwhile he’s being melted because he’s IMPOSSIBLE to miss.


i dont even consider him a monster atm thats how bad he is


I beat a team that was competing in the PS4 tournament three times in a row. Every monster has a harder time against an organized team. Try hopping from pillar to pillar and you’ll just keep eating some delicious fissures and rockwalls.


If he’s out in the open, I say he’s pretty weak. In cave systems though, he’s a very viable monster.


to be honest im level 40 and play predmades and I have a 19 w/l with behemoth and only one loss…I find him the only overpowered monster…with kraken all you need is a good griffin


use feding speed movement speed or damage resistance with behemoth…damage bonus sucks now…well there are better character perks


If you ask me, all Behemoth needs is to have his Rock Wall fixed once and for all and a big increase in melee damage.

People always complain that for a tank his armor and health fly away too quickly yet I never notice this against a GOOD Behemoth player who doesn’t get domed right in the open. Of course you’re gonna catch a lot of damage when out in the open. It’s Goliath 101, no reason not to apply it to Behemoth as well.

Perhaps, just perhaps, the devs should take a second look at the extreme viability of Griffin against Behemoth. Although if they gave Behemoth that extra melee damage as mentioned above, Behemoth would probably be able to surprise-attack Griffin if he can’t get away.


My thoughts exactly, Hydra. :smile:


hydrawolf want an MLG pro contract


Still beat you guys ~.~


one loss you arent legit buddy


Not particularly, no. I was making the point that organized teams are beatable by Behemoth just as random matches are, it’s just a bit more difficult.


He still feels off to me , he takes more punishment now imo and is weaker for the tweaks, will see how he goes but for me he was stronger before I Elited him.


They didn’t nerf him, they nerfed Damage Bonus.


“Is it just me or has Behemoth been newted?”
“has Behemoth been newted?”"
“been newted”



No newted. Like witchcraft trasmorgification. He is now a newt.


Phone auto correct can be a pain, but hey… Gave you a reason to exist today :wink: