Is it just me, or can the monters evolve really quickly?


It seems like the timing on evolve and domes makes it so that the hunters dome the monster, get all it’s armor and some of its health down, and then it runs and evolves, negating the health damage. This happens twice until the monster is stage three and can kill the hunters pretty easily at full health.


Outside of a dome, you should be on the monster’s ass the entire game. Always stay closer to the center of the map and try to corral or cut the monster off, don’t chase it directly unless you can shoot it. Use your trapper’s tracking and CC to help you with slowing it or cutting it off. You should be able to get good chip damage in.

If this gives you trouble, try the chase comp:

Val (for tranqs)
Sunny (for the jetpack booster)
Griffin (for the harpoon)
Any assault

Harpoons and tranqs combined really slow the monster down, inside and outside the dome. Harpoons also stop some abilities and climbing. Sunny’s jetpack booster is good for dodging attacks and staying on the monster.


Yeah, those are good tactics, except that the match timer mechanics actually punish players for harassing the monster if you can’t outright kill it. I’m trying to explain the concept over at his thread, but here’s a quote:

" Why would it stop [the match timer] just because you are fighting? This makes it so that unless you are dealing health damage, any skirmishing or harassing of the monster outside the dome is actively detrimental to your team, since the monster is able to move, feed, and make progress toward evolving, all while the match timer is paused and it can simply regen it later."

Here’s the full thread if you want to see the whole conversation.


I’m pretty sure the timer doesn’t stop for any reason until there’s 4 minutes left.


In legacy it won’t stop until it gets down to the last 2 minutes. Idk if thats changed though.


I missed the days when threads saying opposite things came out.

Just 4 hours ago someone said you couldn’t even get to stage 2.

Ironic, isn’t it?