Is it just me or Behemoth is OP

Stage 1 Behemoth destroyed us 4 times in a row. I mean we had a very good team but damn!!

One lava bomb, a fissure, and getting rolled on, your dead!!

TOO powerful.

It’s powerful now, but I don’t see Behemoth OP. I was Bucket and we were fighting an Elite Behemoth, the battle was pretty close but we won at the end :smile:


Sounds fun to me, after he was murdered countless times before. ^.^

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heheheheh Bucket is quite kind to ya, isnt he. Murder PIts is the right place for one of his sentries

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My squad just beat the top behemoth on ps4 XD He’s fine.

What assault?

im happy to hear this… now i must go rekt pubs with the rolls

Really? I must be the worst Behemoth player ever, then. Because I cannot seem to wrap my head around him to the point where I can never make it past Stage 1.

I’d love to face off against you guys, show you the true might of Behemoth!

Parnell without catching him evolving.

Eh, I think he’s good how he is. Whenever I use him against good teams that stay split up/ on top of things I usually struggle.

I have been mostly playing him since the patch, only lost one game as him, and a few crashes.

I chose the monster poorly for the map, behemoth is terrible on refueling tower. As always, the map is his biggest potential opponent.

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