Is it just me? Or are Monsters Weaker?

Is it easier to win as hunters? O feel it is like I keep catching monsters at stage 1 and killin them and I fight them at stage 3 and kill them.

Then as a monster, I would be stage 2 which is supposed to be a fair fight right? Well how come it sometimes take so many melee strikes and ability combos to down a single hunter? Like you have to repeat the cycle about 2 times before getting them close to death and up to 3 times if they get about 5 feet away from you and negate all the damage you’ve done to them in a fraction of the time you spent destroying their health? That just isn’t right in my eyes is all. I know what I’m doing as monster but I just keep witnessng so little reward for so much effort on the monster’s side of the battlefield.

Well how do you guys feel? Are the monsters UP compared to the hunters or is it just me?


With the new patch I feel like monsters will be stronger. Others share the same opinion, couple of the ESL peeps I’ve talked to, and it seems pretty likely right now. :s We’ll have to wait but I don’t think Monsters are UP anymore.

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I feel they lack the damage needed to be rewarded enough for their efforts is all. Like you do so much to down 1 Hunter and most if not all that effort can just be eliminated in a matter of seconds.

Not to mention the damage you’ve taken during your attack on that hunter :frowning:


I disagree. Perhaps wait, play a bit more of the new patch, and then decide? :stuck_out_tongue:

Short answer: Yes

Long answer: Yeeeeeeeeees


I’ve seen enough
It’s really evident there is something lacking in the effectiveness on the monster’s side :confused:


I decided they were UP the moment all damage was flattened across the board.


…I really don’t think you have. .-. It’s been a few hours, mate…If you said “Goliath is still too weak” or “Bob is still bad” then I’d say ya, we’ve seen enough to make that judgement, but not such a large one as “Monsters are trash.”

…Kay then. ._.

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Cough caira+jack+hank=THEY NEED MORE DAMAGE (:monster:)Cough <img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/4/6/469b9f4fb420682a422a593b4c065948afa3df98.gif" width=“500” height=“372”

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I never said they were trah. I wa saying they feel UP and more specifically; yes those two are UP a hell xD

In all fairness dude, you’ve been away for a month. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t think you’ve caught up yet- we beat you in Arena with a pub team and a braindead Support yesterday. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you just need a while to get back in the saddle and adjust to the new patch.

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It might be that but it just feels so strange ya know? And it shows like the only way really to defeat a compis to corner that hunter against a wall and spam your abilities. Sneaking is easy to do. Like I may have been gone for a month, but I’ve already learned how to properly use MG’s LS from far distances and utilizing his FB to spread damage like it’s supposed to. For Behemoth, I use his abilities to my disposal and would even counter them and pull off impressive plays and yet I get little reward for my efforts like TGing a clever hunter trying to fly across a canyon away from me :confused:

With pretty much every medic being kinda meh right now and the ridiculous kraken buffs. We might just see a monster comeback. Monsters were already starting to win a lot recently in major matches. I really think monsters are starting to even it out. Especially with this patch.


It’s a sad day to be a medic ;-; .

This one patch barely touched wraith and behemoth first off. Changed golaith around (I dislike the new FB alot) and kraken is even worse then before.

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Monsters are going to have the upper hand in high level now, I feel. New Kraken + Weakened defence = DEAD.

I haven’t played against a kraken yet, can you tell me how bad it is?

I don’t know why he said that but Kraken is IMMENSELY powerful now. The AS nerf literally did nothing. It was a ONE METER CHANGE. Mines are now better for tactical use and worse for spam, so good Krakens benefit. Lightning Strike, when used with Vortex, is undodgeable. Harder to aim a bit, but undodgeable.

So bad Krakens are worse, and good Krakens are gods now.

Kraken worse than before? Really? LS is undodgeable right now while being tumbled. Aftershock is still near undodgeable. Banshee mine Invurnerabilty time increased to .5 seconds, arm time is also .5 seconds so that means that instant banshee mines are back. Kraken really isn’t worse than before. I hope you’re kidding.