Is it just me feeling bad about the mach making?



While I play Evolve I am totally down by the match making. Why? Well I don’t really play monster (I must thx to match making). But you see I get to play monster about 60-70% of games even if I chose to be monster as last wanted role to play to… (seriously WOW) Also there is stuff that people intentionally leave games to keep good win ratios. So I get to be monster at last second and I get lose for not even playing (that actually goes quite often).
Also if some one abandons game he gets only 1 minute delay. If I leave in lobby I got same delay. I think those people who intentionally abandons game must wait way more than those people who abandon in lobby (unless u get in a match witch was already running by some one else).
I would like to know if Turtle Rock studios is planing to improve match making or something do about those leaves and getting roles (over and over again) if I don’t really like to play often. (It is really nerve-wracking to play monster nonstop while I like playing monster only from time to time).



They earn a loss for backing out early. But TRS isn’t exactly the best when it comes to letting people know that in game. Hence all the disconnects because they think they won’t accure one.


Matchmaking is broken all around, but the fabled “ranked mode” is supposed to fix that(a bit-as in-you’ll be able to choose NOT to play monster or hunters). No ETA on that though.


True. But if u did got dc. There is no way u can reconnect… :frowning: And also most of the people leave game before end. Sometimes even 3rd lv monster with 2 bars of hp… Ranked mode?


Depends on what platform and region you’re in. If you play on PC our playerbase is the lowest. Consoles have a better time from what I’ve read.


What you could try is to set monster as the 4th preffered role. That way I was able to avoid
being the monster more often during the last weeks.


Yeah would be nice to be able to choose to play as the class you want to play at that time. Sometimes I will put monster first and then it will join me as a medic (class I hate playing) also would be nice to specific what mode you want to play, hunt, rescue, best, etc. I haven’t been able to find this option but maybe I’m just stupid


Truth. Those options sometimes would be really nice!
I am playing on pc. I tried taking the monster to 4th place. I ended up giving even more % games with monster XD It’s like oposite of what I chose. Because even if I don’d up playing monster. I don’t play assault much too. So that being said I end up being assault :smiley: I end up of what I wanna play really really rarely. (Yea I heard that pc is doing bad. pc had problems from start as all platforms. I think pc had the most anoying stuff…)


The best band-aid fix for now would probably be finding a few people you can queue up with together. You wont have to play Monster if you queue up with at least 1 other person in your group. There are several steam groups for evolve you could join and look for people.


Is the PC player base picking up at all? I’m on ps4, there’s no way to check how many people are actively playing, but there’s like 40,000 people on the leaderboards. I hope this game does better… I fear for it.


Little by little. Maybe about 100 people per week more when I occasionally look at the community members online on steam. Twitch streams seem to grow at the same rate by about 100-150 viewers on average more per week.
So there’s hope the ranked system will hopefully be a thing to be realized in a few months if the playerbase keeps growing like this or the proving grounds tourney bracket games are actually being properly covered and advertised. Which is what I fear most tbh, that the marketing tourney wont get properly marketed in the first place if you look at the current track record of TRS/2k’s information and advertising policy… :pray:


at least it is increasing!!! That’s more than I hoped for. Everything I read says it is declining, I was hoping it would turn around. I’m surprised PC doesn’t have a larger player base, honestly when I saw the PC Master Race Edition, I thought this would mainly be a PC game.


Only to your title. No. It’s horrible. I main monster and almost every time, I manage to get pick 4, 5 or 2


Don’t do that.


Don’t do what?

Ranked would be nice. As hunter I am decent (not that good but ok) and as monster I don’t know how to engage. It seems as I play monster I get reked at any stage… As I play hunters some one from our team rek us ussually :smiley: (can’t argue sometimes its me).

Btw I thought player base is getting smaller? Does it expand? I get same guys quite a lot… even after month and etc…