Is it intended for Val heals to = invincibility?


If Val is healing the Trapper, and as Goliath I focus on the Trapper, is it intended for the Trapper to be invincible?


No, it’s intended for you to switch to the Medic if you know the Trapper is being healed.

You’re being countered by a team playing to their strengths and you’re not adapting by switching targets to put pressure on others.


Also you should out dps her healing if you’re attacking her constantly it just slowe this way


Also, she needs LoS on the target. Knock the Hunter down a cave/pit around a corner and it’s free meats.


Lol invincibility ? I wish


@MaddCow, @Slewey, I know that already. Im not asking about proper tactics.
Im asking if my dps as a Goliath is higher than Val’s heal. (specifically what is intended by the Devs)

@evolv, If the trapper can not be killed through Val’s heal then the trapper is essentially invincible.

@Magik_boom, I asked because I could not. I was unable to kill the Trapper through Val’s heal, despite starting at full health and armor. I was able to reliably keep damage on her as well.

It is also an important distinction to make, when deciding target priority because being able to get the arena dome down ASAP is vital to the monster.


Trapper can be killed all you have to do is mix an ability in combat… It’s not invincible at all lol?


@evolv, I was mixing in abilities. Flame breath the charge and the leap to be specific.
(Im sure I hit her with the charge at least 5 times.)


burst damage heavily counters val’s heal. throw some rocks up in there.


@RpiesSPIES, So your suggesting my ability set was wrong? (did not have rock throw as I was still stage 1)
I will try that.


Stage 1 your attacks are fairly weak regardless, no surprise that val’s heal seemed so strong, as well. Not saying your build was wrong, but some things are made to counter others :slight_smile:


People prefer to have 2 abilities at stage 1. One of them will have 2 points in it, so it will do more damage, and actually hurt Hunters. Unless you find a perk that will help you with damage or cooldown on abilities, it’s really hard to down anybody with organized team. I’m no “expert” in Monster play, but i have few fights under my belt :wink:


Isn’t the heal rate 5% HP/sec?
Personally I never focus Val. I just beat the living shit out of the closest hunter.
If Hank is there, I would focus him first, tough.


Theres your problem you arent going to kill anything with 1 point abilities at stage 1 if you just focus one person. She can only heal one at a time unless she wants to get in your face with a healing burst. Spread the damage around and stay mobile, then watch Val struggle to keep everyone alive.


I’d actually recommend focusing on one hunter until he/she dies or pops a shield.


But if you have 3 one point abilities (like one in flame, charge and leap) it takes a while to down one focusing it, especially if that one is getting healed and sheilded and you lose a lot of health that way at stage 1.


Fighting as stage one is mostly self defense tough.
Also, you should probably choose two points in one skill and one point in another when you first start a match for the utility. However the cooldowns are short enough to kill a hunter having just one skill.


And if you spread it around then you can focus one while val is trying to heal the others and keep switching targets, you’ll always have a low health hunter to put the final strike in. IMO ofcourse, every tactic is valid, what ever works for you man.

And i agree I usaully go two in leap one in charge, the mobility and damage is great for those stage one fights when you dont wanna take that many hits.


Also, Val’s healgun cannot heal forever !.. (ok, it’ll feel like forever, but if you don’t want to change your target, you’ve got no choice !)


Val’s healing gun heals 5% health per second. If you can’t out Dps that you are doing something wrong.