Is it hard for anyone else to play a whole match as Behemoth?


3 out of 4 times that I have played as Behemoth the match ends up freezing and I have to quit the game. Is this a common problem for people? I have only had it happen when I play as the Behemoth, it’s never crashed on me when I’ve played against one.

I don’t have the free time that I used to have to sit down and play the Xbox (when I do I almost exclusively play Evolve). As a result the time I get to play this game is quite limited; and it’s becoming incredibly frustrating to have this bug take up a chunk of that time. I really like playing Behemoth when it works and I want to try to learn to play him well, but of the 10-12 times I have played as him only 3 matches didn’t end with this bug killing the game.

If there is some kind of fix for this or something I should either do or avoid doing to prevent this from happening I would love to hear about it.

I play Evolve on the Xbox if that matters.


Never Happens to me…


Only happened around 4 times to me once as behemoth the rest against him


I used to get it quite a bit when facing Behemoths, but not lately.


It happens to me a lot when I use Fissure. 4 times last night alone.


Happens a majority of the time


i froze 6 times yesterday once today as behemoth once as goliath but i’ve frozen as hunter before, I can confirm its not just me because I messaged my teammate asking if he froze, he did freeze too. I have a clip on xbox of me freezing as the goliath over a month ago…


it happened alot when behemoth first came out. not so much anymore at least none within this week


Had this happen one day.
Game froze 5 times in a row.


I didn’t have this problem when the Behemoth first came out but now all of sudden in the last week it happens quite a bit now, seems like 3 out of 5 games I’ll get a hard freeze.


I’ve played around 100 games of behemoth without experiencing this bug, with a primarily lava bomb build/tongue grab / rock wall build (with optional 1 pt fissure stage 3). I did get this bug a lot going fissure builds when Behemoth first came out. If you are getting the freeze a lot, try playing a few games without using fissure at all and see if you still get the bug.


Never happened to me. I’ve lagged, but that’s just my crappy internet connection.

Then again, I’m on PS4, so that might not be relevant.


I’m on PS4 as well but have had the game freeze a good few times whilst playing against/as behemoth :pensive:


Macman knows about this bug and they are working on it


Also been having this problem. Probably around 1:8 matches while playing as Behemoth, and I can remember it happening at least once when I had Wraith as my main.

It’s especially frustrating when I’m mopping the floor with the Hunters, only to have to quit the match because the game froze.


cosignx9000. summed up my frustrations


I’m on xbox one btw, and I can’t even START a match. with open NAT and good Internet


wow TRS you even manage your forums when I complain that I want to play your game but your servers don’t let me? Nice devs. you hide complaints faster than you respond


theres a certain lack of professionalism with the moderators, a little biased. But can’t do anything about it.


here lemme correct that for you…