Is it going to take 2 months again to fix the kraken and throw us overpriced micro transactions?


/thread. Ridiculous Kraken broken mechanics 0 update 0 work wait 2 months gg game. dead on steam.


Overpriced is a matter of opinion. The customers decide the price/value of the product, every time they buy it. Obviously the prices are fine, if they’re making a profit.

If they weren’t, the prices would be lower.


how is kraken broken ? care to explain, give detail, blablabla


He’s bugged.


hello? aftershock? hello? doesnt give a fuck about cc?


No need to sound like a douche


yeah well i cant understand that he didnt knew that when 99/100 games are vs kraken ^^


I’d say another 2 months highly likely, overpriced micro transactions. Um no…


Dead, you say?

Hm. Coulda fooled me. Have no issues filling a room in Pubs with new people I’ve never met consistently. It’s no CoD-Clone in numbers, sure, but far from dead. I’ll call it dead when the numbers are preventing me from getting a game in.

And pricing? Hah. Haven’t spent a penny beyond the first initial purchase. We get plenty of skins through events and new Hunters/Monsters were free (So far, even if I did pay I’d of had my money’s worth 400 hours of game time ago)

So yeah… subjective. At best.


Kraken? If you cant aim I could see the problem. Honestly i see monsters in this order. Goliath, Behemoth, Kracken and Wraith. Kracken may have a few abused bugs but i dont see him that often, go grab Laz and laugh… or complain, whatever floats your boat.

DLC? You mean the free community skins and maps arent enough? Wow…


Because I feel that people know that he has broken mechanics and refuses to play him. It was pretty much like the Wraith thing. Everyone got tired of fighting the Wraith pre-patched and just left every time someone picked her and sooner or later monster players decided if they actually wanted to play against other players they’ll have to stop playing Wraith.


Yeah pretty much, Evolve isn’t even in the top 100 games on Steam anymore.

1000 current players world wide and we are approaching peak time.

You’re the only person I’ve ever seen to claim this. Everyone else on PC see the same people constantly, more often than not get dumped in in-progress games and have games start with bots.


Which is fine. It shows signs of a respectable community. Wraith is different in that her playstyle doesnt make for a fun match. Kracken wouldnt be an issue if the anti cc bug didnt exist. Playstyles need to change accordingly, until patched. Complaing here wont change what the Devs are already aware of and working on.


Closing this as non constructive.