Is it getting more and more pointless for an average monster against good teams?


Unless you enjoy just being a target for good hunter teams to practice against, it’s pretty pointless for the “Average” monster against them now?

The truth is I like being the monster, if only I had more of a chance against good teams without my health been shredded in seconds, if only good teams weren’t supermen (some are impossible to kill with the support of their team mates, no matter how hard you focus them), if it wasn’t an endless grind against constant flying, constant healing that never seems to runs out, against constant hunter drops you can never win!

Why does a monster only have one life yet hunters have infinite?
Why can’t the monster get away to eat and evolve any more as hunters are so much faster now?
TR want more fights yet when you do your health is shredded soooooooo fast! I’ve seen bubbles of health just disappear one after the other in seconds, without an orbital too! Its insane!

I’m getting so bored that calling for help on this forum is all I can do. Please help average monsters (not good monsters that need the challenge), but average ones that are suffering against these good teams. You can tell if the match is going to be great equal fight, or a pointless slaughter very soon into it, making it frustratingly pointless to even try the later? Who wants to play if you know you not going to have any chance to win?

Anyway. Hope something can be done about this, possible solution making it so monsters can’t loose all their health in seconds would be better (except orbitals of course which is acceptable because its an orbital and you need to avoid it). Hunters perhaps only have 2 extra drops after dying on 2 strikes before been banned from the rest of the match? Get rid of the silly trancs! Slowing the monster so much and for so long is unfair! How can you fight if you can’t get to the hunter effectively? Come on TR at least give us some chance against the supermen! Please.


Heh, funny. That’s exactly how I feel, only as a hunter vs good monsters.

The ones that just preform flawless. They are stage 2 before you can reach them, land every single basic attack and ability no matter how hard you jetpack dodge…you don’t stand a chance.


yup evolve balance is pretty much bonkers… easy win vs randoms. unbeatable versus coordinated teams. no middle ground and this will be the problem once again.

maybe we will someday see a paradigm shift, but i highly doubt i t.


A …

sage sage advice for your situation


Just play Goliath and take 3 run speed perks or 3 damage reduction perks. It’s all the rage bro


Thats the SUGAR… your very clever!


I don’t get your issue here, or your request. Are you complaining because a good team can wreck an average monster? Why? It makes perfect sense that more skilled players beat less skilled ones.

You can’t demand ad hoc nerfs to the hunters/buff to monsters just because your skill level is inferior to that of other players, that’s insane. Just practice and get better, don’t ask for balance modifications to compensate a skill gap. Like, wut? That’s just how it works, the better player(s) win(s).


I’m an average, I think, and I don’t often come up against teams that are more than my skill level. When I do they are tough but I instantly recognise the skill gap because I recognise where I have gone wrong. Everyone’s experience is their own, and I’m not suggesting mine is necessarily the norm, but I usually get well fought matches either as Hunter or monster, not one sided in either direction that often at all


Basically what @niaccurshi said, usually matches in my experience aren’t like this.
Some of that comes from what teammates you get, the monster’s skill level, and other factors. But generally I don’t feel like I don’t have a chance.
Maybe you could check out @MaddCow 's coaching on Saturdays, he explains things very well and helps people a lot.
Also @Kathryn_James check your PMs.


I find it a waste of time playing the Monster since the update, so i just stick to the Hunters


why? my W/L ratio doesn´t have a dent… i still win all my Monster games pretty easy and that is a sad thing. On Hunter side it´s fairly balanced but most games are still lost because someone decides not to work in a team.

I managed to Elite Bob, Gorgon, Kraken and MG today. good times.


Maybe its more a problem of matchmaking then of balance. Sometimes I fell exact the same the OP described, either as monster or hunter; but the problem in it is NOT the balance as a GOOD team shall yes win over a AVARAGE monster, and a good monster will win over a avarage team. Theorically when its good vs good or avarage vs avarage will have good games; the problem is that the matchmaking is not perfect.

Speaking for me, I`m having more good/balanced/close games after the MM changed for skill level. Better then the old one, but not perfect yet. Hope it improves.


It’s just an issue of matchmaking. Average monsters sometimes get matched up against really good teams, meanwhile the really good monsters are left to pubstomp and run amok. Sadly I assume it’d be very tough to rectify that- but with the new system they’re implementing next patch, I think it’ll help a lot.


Post a video of a game where you lost because of OP health/speed/whatever and not because you got outplayed or made mistakes.


Since this past update I’ve gone up against a couple comps that were unbeatable. Either the tanks are too strong or by the time I’ve incapped someone there’s only 1 bar of health left. Can only really play Gol and EK now due to higher burst. To some extent that was already the case but now it’s more obvious than ever. Would rather play premades.


Thanks for all the replays guys. I’ll record one of these games and post later.


So, basically your saying balance should favor bad players, so that they can beat good players…?

Thumbs up for that if it is :+1:


Post the proofs.


Keep practicing, you will get better.

and if you play OG or MG, change to other monsters to counter roaching and JP perks.


Try experimenting different perk rather than relying on the same perk… maybe u are losing because of using the same perk on every monster