Is It Fun With Randoms?


I have been watching gameplay videos on Twitch/YouTube and it seems like a really fun game. Monster gameplay looks like a blast and so does the hunters. However, a lot of those people on those videos are playing with friends. I would mainly be playing this with random people while playing the hunters. Would it still be as fun or could it become frustrating and boring with randoms?



Ninety percent of my games (100 hours in playtests alone) were with randoms, and they were a blast. Unless you have bad, bad teammates, it’s still fun.

And even with bad, bad team mates…It’s still fun.


I can be. It very much depends on the group, how well the co-ordinate, how much they are willing to use mics, or at least listen to someone with a mic.

I’ve played exclusively with PUGs since launch, and the experience has varied from ‘Absolutely great’ to ‘Uuuugh’ - but I’d say that it’s broken down for me to about 40% really good, 40% acceptable and fun, and 20% terrible.


I’ve only played with randoms and without a mic. While I have to say it’s probably more fun playing with friends I still had a blast.


Playing with the randoms is how you can meet some awesome new people.


Yes. I have only played with a 1 friend at a time or solo with randoms and it’s still awesome. Ofcourse you’re going to get “bad” players, it’s a online game. You’re get players of all skill level. Still fun and even more fun when you get good or even great players.

I highly recommend picking this game up if you haven’t already. It’s good for all types of players.


Yeah it really depends on the team-mates you get. Sometimes it is freakin awesome and you didn’t even notice that you play with randoms because everyone is playing his role without thinkin he is the big boss and goes just solo on the monster. And sometimes… yes then you would be thankfull if a bot would takes the place instead of the team-mate.

But most of the times you get competent players and you have to look forward because every day since release the players get better and better so you get better and better teammates.


In all honestly, not that much fun with full random team. That said a lot of players are friendly and I’ve added quite a few on steam. Pretty soon you can build up your team. I kind of like to have at least one friend in my party and then will befriend complete strangers after a clutch revive or tranq


You do get really bad peopel from time to time who do not communicate. However, you also get people who are a blast to play with. I played with one friend in a game last night and we ended up adding everyone to our friends lists (the monster included!) after the games because they were so talkative and fun to play with.


Play with randoms mainly as majority of my friends are losers and haven’t got the game yet…

Have a lot of fun with randoms, especially ones who at least text chat tactics and that helps us win.

Sometimes you get the newbies join, which is still fun as their fun to watch :stuck_out_tongue:


mostly its great even with rnds

except sometimes u get those guys… yesterday i had 7(!) assaults in a row which did nothing but stand on max range shooting theire assault rifle


Is it fun with Randoms?

Will you always have a decent chance of winning with Randoms?
Oh heck no.
But it’s still a blast.


I pretty much just “PUG” it. It’s fun and everyone is pretty awesome. I don’t think I can recall a bad experience yet.


I had a bad experience! Played as the hunters, we were kicking the stuffings out of the monster and then… I got disconnected!!! :sob:


Hah that is horrible!


Pretty much what I came to post.


I haven’t played with any friends yet as none have bought the game but me, and I can tell you yes it is still amazing. Definitely get it. I play on ps4 btw


No mic playing with randoms and I’m enjoying the game. If you consider your losses a learning experience you’ll be fine


It’s fun, as long as you don’t have some PETA guy who loves hugging wildlife and watering plants.


Dude if you’re on console always have your mic in. There’s tons of cool people that want to use teamwork and are just waiting for someone else to say something.