Is it fair


Is it fair to quit the game?

The real problem begins is what if there’s a level 35 trapper they can’t track catch the monster. What is the medic refuses to heal anyone and just do long-range sniper shot? What if the assault does not want to deal damage and hide in the corner because he’s afraid to die? When this happens is it fair to quit the game or is it bad sportsmanship the tenthis can take. It can be a grueling 17 of running in circles.

This is from someone who enjoys this game game and has multiple characters in the top 100.

This also doesn’t apply to people with Mics. They are usually willing to listen and talk. But it is becoming increasingly annoying at the amount of people that don’t have microphones and that really seem to not know what they’re doing


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I won’t ever quit the first game. I will wait till the second to see if they learn or change. The only thing that determines if I do quit is if I’m having fun.
wraith spammy decoy and fleeing till 3? first game okay let him have his fun.
second game if they pick wraith again i leave. I’m not here to make everyone else have a good time. I bought the game so I would have fun; not suffer so i don’t inconvienece strangers on the internet.
But that’s just me.


its fair to quit the game when you get your last choice more than 3 times in a row


I won’t quit a game mid match unless I get something that can’t be fixed like frozen hunter if I’m lagging horribly and can’t play I’ll leave as well while apologizing if a monster is being a dick and farming the hunters I’ll try to be last hunter alive and suicide. Anything else and I’ll just wait till the end of the match and leave.


If the medic isn’t healing, I’ll usually ride it out for the sake of the other hunters on the team. I WILL show my displeasure by shooting at the medic, and making sure he realizes I’m not a very happy trapper. On the very rare occasion, I will dome the hunters (though not for the full length unless the entire team has just screwed me off by leaving me in the tyrant to run off after the monster).

In answer to your question, it’s not fair on the other hunters in the team if they are trying to pull their weight. Sometimes the match can be saved, and the hunter-in-question will change their behaviour. If you’ve experienced it a lot that day or just aren’t in the mood… Quit.


Well I dislike playing Monster and I’m very bad at it.
Nonetheless, when my Hunter teammates prove themselves to be horrible at their job I usually let the bot take over, do something else for the (short) remainder of the match and then destroy them as Monster next round.

Rickvs2scared to go Monster unless Rickvs knows the Hunters suck.


I agree I do that some times. I wonder if the devs ever honestly play between 5-9 east coast time. It’s getting rougher by the day.

I think the cap needs to go to 100 to differentiate playas!


3 l

3 level 40s on best. As bucket, 40,000 dmg. 2 drop ships and still lost. With 12 seconds on the 3rd.


I used to be the type that would stick it out and just assume maybe they never play that class, but lately ive turned cynical and just say theyre dumb lol. Used to stay in games but when you see clueless trappers miss domes when im spamming pings RIGHT UNDER HIM with a hidden monster, its not worth staying to run for 19 mins and get rekt in 30 secs at stage 3.

Bad teammates are honestly what made me turn into a monster player. Dont have to worry about whether my assault will be pressuring, whether trapper will know when to dome, when medic will heal me out of combat.