Is it fair joining an in progress game thats too far gone and to quit resulting in a leaderboard loss?


It seems I join more in progress games than not and 2/3 of them that are in progress are beyond worth playing…


One of the Devs said that if you leave you get a loss, but if you join mid match and lose it doesn’t give you a loss. However, people have also said otherwise so I’m waiting to hear back from them.


Probably not.

However does anyone really care about leader boards?
Every game I’ve every played they have just been a source of cheating and drama.


Not everyone plays casually believe it or not and the many of us that don’t prefer to have something nice to look at to show for our time and effort invested at higher level play.


Not caring about leaderboards doesn’t make you casual, I just have never played a game where the loaderboards weren’t a source of major drama. Any game that has them is just a magnet for cheaters and when the leaderboards inevitably fuck up people get livid over it. I guess I played enough games that were so focused on ranks and status that I stopped caring about statistics like K/D and W/L ratios.

I still play competitively, I still do my best and do all I can to win but the numbers behind the win mean nothing.


Well that’s your opinion but don’t belittle mine because of your own personal experience on other games. I feel in no way shape or form I’m making “drama” or being “livid” and i doubt I’m the only one who feels this way for circumstance thats not exciting at all and regardless it’s not like I’m gonna quit playing no matter what.


Calm down friend, I’m not trying to belittle you and I never said you were causing drama.

I was just saying that leaderboards in general attract cheaters and a lot of ill-will. Of course the vast majority of people don’t complain but the tops of any leaderboards are always oozing with controversy that I just prefer to avoid. If you like 'em that’s cool by me and it does suck that they give people unfair losses in situations like this but that is just one more reason why I choose not to pay them any mind.


Personally I think it should be changed as well so that joining an in progress game doesn’t give a loss.

Equally as important though is to know that few games are too far gone… Just a week ago I won as a stage 3 kraken with only one and a half bars of health and a single strike on lazarus. Today I won as behemoth with only 2 bars of health.

I’m not saying that you’ll win every match or even half, but when you win one of those matches where you’re already at a huge disadvantage then you’ll really have something to boast about and feel great ^_^.


Whats really unfair is that if you leave you get the one minute penalty.

Whats even more unfair is that TRS said that in scenarios like this you will more than likely get your preferred class the next match if you stick around, and thats not always true.


If people want to worry about their W/L issue that’s their right, I agree if you join mid-game, leaving should not count as a loss. Especially with some of the bugs when joining monster mid-game.

There should be a separate leaderboard for PVP imo, much harder to get wins and good stats in PVP. Well usually anyway there are times the AI can do unusually well as monster.


Thanks guys knew I wasnt alone on this!


Losing a Match that you joined in progress Does Not count as a loss. All other stats will still be tracked, so if you’re monster and die, you will have a Death, but not a loss.


So you can have more Deaths than loses as monster. This is quite funny =D


Well, yeah. when you get a Draw, you get a death but not a loss as well.


Does leaving a match that you joined while in progress, count as a loss? (For instance, I never play monster, I join a match-in progress as monster, I leave. Does this give me a loss?)


Yes, leaving a match at any time after the game has started now counts as a loss. If you join a match in progress and quit, you WILL get a loss.

Rewards for leaving a match early
Just Lost a game I never played in... Please TRS

Hm, too bad. 75% of the matches I que up for for are in-progress matches, with me as a half-dead monster (my 5th preference btw). Not that I care for my W/L ratio, but it seems a bit unfair.


Just finish that match and you should get your preferred role in the next round. If you lose, no harm done as no loss will be recorded. But if you win you still get the win.

Rewards for leaving a match early
Just Lost a game I never played in... Please TRS

However on Leaderboards mostly the Deaths are shown and not the “losses” (except in the W/L Ratio), so you basically do get Death’s for joining an game at 1 bar health which isnt that great for the Leaderboards.
Better would be if you replace Death’s with Losses on the Leaderboard or dont let em count as death’s if you join mid-game.


Just “take a knee” and wait to be put down. Might even be faster than quitting, waiting the minute, then waiting for the Matchmaker to find you a game to join.