Is it ever better to fight at stage 1 than stage 2 if it can be helped?


I have a disagreement with a friend of mine. I reckon it’s always better to try to evolve to stage 2 before having a fight with the hunters but he reckons it’s better to try to achieve strike on the hunters at stage 1 and only progress to stage 2 if health is lost in stage 1. We’re at an impasse and the gentlemanly resolution would be a pistol duel but he is not a gentleman :stuck_out_tongue: so perhaps the Evolve forum could help?


I always do a fight at stage 1. I try to fight at most once though.

Once the fight ends, run to stage 2.



If you know you’re going to be evolve domed there can be benefits to getting domed at stage 1 instead.

Its good to keep in mind getting domed at stage 1 means you’ll lose at most 1-2 bars of hp before the dome drops and you can get away.

If you know you’re going to get caught evolving they’ll strip your armor, dome you with nothing, and you’ll take a lot more punishment.

There’s situations where it’s better to take that 1-2 bars, evolve, break away before the domes off cool down, and engage with full armor.

Always keep in mind the lower your stage the less damage they can deal before you can get away.


I don’t know about “better” but stage 1 fights are generally worth it. You’re at your most wiley since you’re so small, you can only take so much damage as @Sidewaysgts says, and an early strike is actually pretty significant once you get to the second or third dome of the match if you can get it.

The way I look at it is always that if I fight at stage 1 I will at worst lose 20-30% of my health, but get a bunch back on an evolve that they then can’t dome because the dome is on cooldown. the end effect is that I’ve lost a little bit of health, and I’ve also got some insight into how the hunters do their thing so I can respond to it at stage 2.


But if you evolve to stage 2 then you have more powerful attacks which increases the chances of achieving strikes. You don’t recover any health that you lost when evolving so I don’t see the benefit of delaying evolution until after a first fight.


Of course I’d rather fight than evolve with hunters standing around me but that’s because I’m put between a rock and a hard place. I make an effort to get far from the hunters before starting to evolve.

The limit to how much damage they can do before the dome comes down is a legitimate advantage to fighting earlier but I’m not sure it’s worth the reduced attack radius/damage/cooldown.


But what is the reasoning behind this?


If you don’t have confidence in your ability to potentially get that strike at stage 1 then sure, try not to do it.


I go for an engagement at stage 1 to get that strike. The only differnce is after the first dome… im usually ready for stage 2 so i just find a spot and evolve.


but then you have no armour and they’re probably still chasing you?


Well i usually am behemoth.


What others have said, and keep in mind that unless your enemies are like godtier or something, there will be a couple of instances when they overextend, even if it’s not by a lot, and when that happens even a Stage 1 can punish that hard.


Evolve if you’re confident that they won’t dome you while you’re evolving, fight if you aren’t.

Or, of course, you can get domed before you have enough energy to evolve. That’s always fun.


For down penalties. If I can get one or more off that means my stage 2 is considerably stronger as I have made my opponent weaker in my weakest stage rather than having my very first engage at stage 2.

Plus it gives me time to learn how the enemy plays so I can properly dispose of them with the big guns.


Scenario: Hunters are about 100m away, you’re ready to evolve and full armor, dome is ready to deploy.

I wouldn’t evolve. I’d take the fight. If I lose terribly, I’ll take probably 20% max health, maybe a little more, and then I can run and evolve. After that evolve, the dome won’t be ready for about 30 seconds, during which I can get armor and prepare for the next fight.

If I evolve, they catch me - maybe during the cacoon - and take all my armor quick, and then can take a higher percent of my health faster since I’ll have no armor. I’ll dish out a little more damage, sure, but I’m borderline guaranteed to take a lot more for it than I would at Stage 1.


Plus the added bonus that, you can leave as soon as you’re finished Evolving to Stage 2 after fighting at S1 full armor, and you might not take any damage because they have no dome.

I always tend to lose a bunch of health in return for Evolving, because I try to fight at S2 but I also try to fight to the death if possible, depending on dome location.

It gets really hard to win in a fight to the death S2 if I get domed with the little bit of armor I get from evolving.


You don’t, but you do gain health from evolving equal to whatever you didn’t have which makes it look like you recovered Health.

Like Stage 1, you have (random number) 5000 health, you lose 1,000 in a dome, evolve, and you go up to like 7000 health (and if you’d taken 0 damage, you’d be at 8,000).

With the added bonus that now there isn’t a dome coming for you and you can feed and get full armor for the next fight without having to worry about getting caught with no armor and losing 2,000 health instead of 1,000.

edit: all numbers used are fake* because I don’t know the values for any Monster at max HP and S2/S3 off the top of my head.


I think it really depends on the composition of the hunters as well as the quality of the players your fighting. I take damage reduction every match because there’s always a chance I will fight Cabot and damage reduction helps normalise the damage of the damage amp and so that’s what my answer will be based on.

Assuming you are fighting good players; If you’re fighting an offensive composition it’s probably worth it fighting at stage 1 because you’ll most likely down and outright kill someone (support). But, you may also take large amounts of damage, which can be balanced out by evolving later.

Against a good defensive team, I don’t think it’s worth it at all to fight at stage 1 because your abilities are weak and by default, your cooldowns are longer. You’ll almost always find the hunter you are targeting gets away for 1-2 seconds, which is enough time for them to suddenly get 3/4 of their health.


I’m not interested in looking like I’ve recovered health! Illusions are not going to help me win.