Is it best to have fire breath first


Because I’ve been messing with goliath and it seems like it but I’m not sure


I like one in FB for food purposes.


I got ninja’d by @TheMountainThatRoars as I was typing. crying


Me too, I put one on FB for the same reasons :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m chasing striders for like 5 seconds with out fb


Fire Breath for fast meats, Charge for getaways and chasing prey.


I love to have Fire Breath, Leap Smash, and Charge at stage 1. Fire Breath for taking out those spread out wildlife, charge and leap smash for both farming and travel.
Works wonders when it works and the hunters don’t catch you before you get full armor. These skills can also get someone down if you do get domed (or if you find 1 hunter alone, fresh noob, yum)


Once I go s2 I put 1 more in leap and 2 In rock isthat good @Buckets_Sentry_Gun @TheMountainThatRoars @Gobacuga


Yes. That’s what I do.
STG 1: 2 FB 1 CH
STG2: 1 LS 2 RT
STG3: 1 CH 1 LS 1 FB


That’s my own build of choice so I would certainly hope so. :P<g


Well I go charge1 fire1 leaps 1 then at s2 I go 2 rocks 2leaps at 3 I go 2 fire 3 rocks and 3leap


I go feeding speed for everyone but wraith


I usually put one in charge and two in leap smash.


I start every game as Goliath with 1 point in Fire Breath, Rock Throw and Leap Smash. Fire Breath for quick snacks like Reavers squads or Striders. The other two are for if I really want that bitchy Dune Beetle in the corner. Rock it, Sock it, Mock it. (I hate Dune Beetles)


I go 2 fire 1 leap .
(Note I use meteor Goliath)


I always start with 2 in Firebreath for the meats. The third can go wherever your favorite skill is, I usually do leap smash

Edit: How did I get ninja’d posting my opinion?


How do you mean ninja.d


Perk: Feeding speed
S1: 1 RT, 1 FB, 1 LS
S2: 2 RT, 2 FB, 1 LS, 1 Charge
S3: 3 RT, 3 FB, 2 LS, 1 Charge

Having rock at S1 means you can take out big 4 meat monsters without too much trouble. If you don’t have the rock it can take a fair amount of time meleeing them down. Because I run feeding speed it makes the bigger critters more appetizing to help me reach S2 faster. My strategy is to reach S2 before the Hunters can react to it and picking up charge for the extra mobility then. Charge doesn’t help too much to help you feed.


I like taking

S1: 2FB, 1LS
S2: 1LS, 2RT
S3: 1FB, 1LS, 1RT

So no Charge for me. I like having the extra reach and damage of 3 star FB, and I avoid Charge like the plague, because I find it has limited use, whereas all of my other abilities can be pretty much constantly used.


It’s great to at least have 2 boosts in stage one great for taking down herds. But sneak.

The only skill I don’t use a lot is rock throw. If I work to go stage 3, I do this.

Perk: if Ira low level go with feeding speed. If you got it maxed go with armor regen.
Stage 1) fb max
2) leap smash 1, charge 2.
3) either 1 in all to expand your skill set between cooldown, or max out the other 2. Up to you.

But I promise, the monsters most valuable tool is sneak and smell.