Is it bad that it's not fun and only stressful to play as monster?

Yeah basically my favorite role has turned from being fun to being nothing but stressful and I’m considering uninstalling Evolve because why keep a game that does nothing but stress you out as your favorite character(s) to play as? Any ideas?


Why do you find it stressful? I love it still! It’s so much fun to stomp a team, or if you lose to figure out what went wrong. Honestly, I find it less stressful to play as a monster than a hunter because of an influx of low level players that make playing as a hunter more difficult and less rewarding.

It’s stressful because the game is hunter favored since the devs tried to balance it for casual players. I was able to take out 3 bars of health against a behemoth with a team of pubs in less than 6 seconds. If only I was able to record it…

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As hunters are getting better it’s certainly the case that I sometimes find myself in stage 1 domes that are incredibly hard to avoid damage within, and the domes themselves aren’t easy to avoid either (which they shouldn’t be, if the trapper has played it well). That devestation early on can really make the rest of the game quite an intense experience, and that’s not always a good thing.


I enjoy it. I just zip around as wraith, I dont mind much if I lose as monster…


Playing as Monster against a team of randoms is almost always likely you will win. If they happen to do slice an amount of bars off you, then they were actually coordinated with each other. Like a team, they coordinate and know jet fuel management so they’ll dodge a lot of your attacks. You really shouldn’t complain because of that. Doesn’t winning as Monster every single game get tiresome a little? It’s fun to actually fight hunters that are in groups.


the chase is really stressfull, you dont have a moment of silence the whole game because hunters are constantly behind you…while on the hunter side its not that big of a deal.


I take it you are a new player… Or not experienced enough to get away from the hunters? I don’t ever have a problem as Monster only if the Hunters are really good.

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Monster is the most stressful role, no doubt about that. If you’re playing pubs then just keep playing and getting better. You should be smashing most pubs into the ground. I’ve been trying to win at S1 lately to try and make it a challenge and a bit more fun.

What can make me want to take a brief interlude is going against a strong team and putting up with crap like slim’s op spore clouds, hank’s capacity shield, their general op strength. Then if they’re abusing positional exploits like the pole on refueling, the small building on distillery…the rage can start to build. But no way would that make me quit for ever. TRS are slowly getting the balance right.
The below always helps to bring out the calm blue ocean


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im not speaking about pubgames you can do whatever you want there, playing good teams is incredibly stressfull they just chip you for days.

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seems you are not talking about pubs about superior strong teams abusing exploits ^^

pubs are not that bad that you will win every game easily, but most time their positioning in domes sucks, they have at least one bad hunter in their team…which you can find out: medic, support, trapper or assault and adapt your playstyle to it. you will get better and better and at some point you can beat pubs but beating premades which use strong combos, abuse exploits more often will be still hard und not fun.

also premades care a lot about buffs, in pubs hunter don’t care too much about it…but playing against premades means you have to care about buffs more.

It feels all the better when you beat them, even with the exploits. That’s the only time I would actually teabag hunters.

Yes… That’s different, but I hardly ever find good Hunters, mostly because I just play public for fun. I have fought against teams in the past. The high skilled hunters were difficult. It’s a 5% chance I’d find a team and the rest of the % are just randoms. It’s good to fight against skilled hunters, because it improves your skill, little. But every little counts.


Yeah it does but vs a really strong team you are even more unlikely to beat them if they use exploits

well only for a second (at least for me), in the end it’s just hard, exhausting, stressful, some kind of unfair because it feels not balanced… and even when you beat them some premades start shit talking you like “you play goliath like a wraith, only running” “you won but you are still bad, you don’t land half of your skills”. some teams get very salty. i hate playing against premades, i play this game for fun, not for entertaining premades.

sorry i dont see that happen in any of the matches im playing.

Why would the devs favor hunters if casual player rather want to pick the monster?
What system are you playing on?

Are you sure the stress is related to what seems a disbalance between hunters and monster or might it be that you cant handle the stress playing alone against 4 experienced players?

You could try to start a new account and play with low level hunters and gradually work your stress level up to the point where you wont find it so stressful anymore fighting an experienced team.

They lost. Dude if they get salty say something to make them even angrier. I love making people rage, get good at talking shit, people play worse when they’re angry.

Tell then that if they lost to a monster that only lands half of his abilities they’re the shitty ones not you

If they are salty cut them, let their salt fill the wound, and pour lemon juice on it to be sure they get the message.

They lost, you won, so you are better than them, and so if you suck they are automatically worse.


It’s stressful yes but I completely disagree with what you were saying

Monsters are balanced but Kraken is a different story over powered

In pups super easy to win except few matches … You can stage up to 2 in 1 min or 2 maximum

Monster are faster then hunters … easy to dodge a Dome & Monster can control the match

Stage 3 fights … Monsters are stronger and hunters are weaker

You are loosing health = Getting Hunters strikes

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