Is it a bug my goliath has? Or is it my connection or fps?


When in-game online I have issues with Goliath freezing up, For example I was behind a pillar a hunter comes around, I (the Goliath) stand above the hunter to melee attack when goliaths arms go up he pauses, only to strike too late when the hunter has moved away, seems to only lock up in battle, it delays all attacks but more noticeable on melee attacks.

I dont want to report it as a bug because Im not sure where the issue lies, is it on my end or is it common on PC for this locking up to happen, It’s annoying as it costs vital seconds that build up and making it impossible to play, killing wild life is fine but Hunters is where the issues lie.

If anyone has a similar issue or has heard of it or can tell me its a bug or isnt a bug, I would really appreciate the help, as I cant play very well until this is sorted.


It might be your Ping issue, depends if you were playing quick play tho, if you were playing hunt 2.0 might be your GPU maybe ?


playing quick play usually on PC, I just started playing on xbox 1 and in hunt and my issues seem ok, but havent played quick play yet


how about the rocks exploding on there face but they dont get affected in anyway


That’s a ping issue or net code just sucks that game. @XYNK84 if it was quick play you might have not gotten host and if you have 200 ping it does that sometimes.


I’d also say it’s an issue with high ping, especially in Quick Play where I rarely seem to host when I play monster.


so with quick play there is nothing I can do about that? I take it that a modem change wont do anything for this?


It depends if you get host or not lol, game sometimes determines you not to be so just leave and go to another one.


lol ah right cool, get ya, I moved over to Xb1 from PC just today and now I can play hunt 2.0, so seem to be perfect so far. I’m gonna assume quick mode is the same issue as PC.