Is Hyde an alien?

There was no fire. Hyde just customized his after the war.

No one else can use it.

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Basilisk Soldiers are wanted by Hub because they tried to be independent from Hub, not because they were modified. One of Vals first dropship dialogue went over that, “If you want to splice your DNA with insects thats fine, but if you decide that makes you free from Hub, then someones gonna put the boot down.”


Maybe its possible that, when the bassalisk soiders attacked they could of used mainly chemical warfare and that may explain “kemtroopers” is it possible that hyde or the kemtrooper are genetically modifyed for such a thing, but hyde may not wear a mask because of the modification that may have been more atuned to chemicals that explains why his toxic grenades did hurt him and slowled the team, obviously the slow effect was taken out, but hyde was more in your face than a reasonable distance so he asked for more modifications to make him able to fight up close and not have the effect as some soiders may get. But thats my theory, or all of this just could be just because he want to see the man He’s burning up close or just he dont give any fux

Dont forget Hyde is the biggest Human in the game, All he wears is a wife beater T shirt and hes as big as Parnell with the RageTrooper armor, so is he wierd?


Is he still human, perhaps, dunno with all those syringes hes probably used over the years using Shark Testosterone.

Good sir, thats not the reason at all, thats Hubs(Vals) point of view on the subject. Its been confirmed by Matt the writer of this game, that Slim didnt even care about being in a war, his friends were doing it and the Aristocratic leaders of his world would pay for his mods, and even promised him they would reverse it post war.

It was announced the main reason the Mutagen wars even happened is becuase the Bassalisk Nebula didnt want to pay taxes, the rich goverment within said nebula turned to Mutagen Tech to hold a war. Matt mentions that at first they did, but where stupidly overwelmed by hub towards the end, and became permenantly occupied by Hub through martial law.

The Soldier themselves didnt care about indipendence, its was just fun and games, as stated only the rich were going to noticed a difference post war.


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    Hyde is a man. He might have trained on a high gravity planet Like Parnell making him enormous. This talk of him being an alien is nonsense however. It seems obvious to me when he refers to humans as though they are separate from himself, he is being sardonic, sort of like an edgy 8th grader who “doesn’t like people”.

    Hyde has likely long suffered judgments/disgust by humans who find his murder/chaos loving attitude distasteful. When he talks about wanting to retire on shear but for the human element, he is likely more referring to the society of the colony. I imagine Hyde would like being dropped on a savage planet to live away from judgement and regulation, destroying and hunting as he saw fit with no real consequence. His personality obviously makes him impersonable to your average person.

    It seems as simple as that to me, maybe i’m wrong though. Hyde will still be my main man either way. Also the devs have talked about not wanting any true aliens on the roster. Slim is a mutant, that’s about as close as one can get.

Hyde is an inHuman. He has undergone terrigensis.

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What a dirty filthy lie the Devs have told you, everyone knows the most OP character in this game is an alien…


what we know so far about hyde is:


@demonhunter1245 thank you! @10shredder00 also thanks…but less of the cheek…i’m new here :expressionless:

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They said we could get one true alien, though I think he/she/or it is in tier5

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Terrigensis? Could you explain please?

Marvel Comics. The inhumans are a subset of humanity who are born with latent, in-active dna from Kree expiramentation in the distant past. When exposed to the terrigen mists the latent dna becomes active and changes the subject exposed, making them inhuman.

Typically involves some kind of power, often also involves physical changes.

So, Hyde was exposed, and become inhuman. Meant as a joke.

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Hyde is obviously a werewolf


Hyde is in fact an alien he comes from the sexy dimension and has taken a human form to drop all the panties (male and female :wink:) and make Hydelings… CLEARLY

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The only panties that will be dropping are belonging to @ToiletWraith

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You know you can’t resist

Resist? Resisting is easy, if Hyde expects anything more i Demand some Lunch and atleast a one hour session with his Jetpack and Flamthrower.

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Of course he is a master in courtship a feast is to be expected…flamethrower is 2nd date