Is Hyde an alien?


I have a theory that Hyde may be some sort of alien…


Hes a human, hes just genetically modified or something of the like.


It’s a very small theory. Sometimes when Hyde talks he says something along the lines of “I would’ve retired here if the humans hadn’t gotten here first”. He calls them ‘humans’ making them sound different to him. Also, Laz says that Hyde was the only ChemTrooper without a mask, showing he can breath the chemicals without harm. Hope you guys can expand on my theory!




Just as @Donut donut said, he’s genetically modified making him technically non human and may realize and has gotten so used to it that he refers to himself as non human


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Hey it’s no big deal I looked it up before I commented to see if it was true lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm, I wonder if that had any effects on him. You know, like, being a bit crazy and whatnot
I class him as human. He just doesnt like to call himself one. Also


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This confuses me.
How in any way is he an alien .-.


Pure speculation based on his one-liners.


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He always refers to his teammates/other colonists as “Humans”, making it seem as though he doesn’t view himself as completely human.
Which wouldn’t surprise me, mans done some terrible things, his mind is utterly broken, and when such things happen, one begins to wonder what ties them to the human race other than blood~


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Technically no, hes not Alien nor modified human, they were Chem Troopers and Lazerus men, fighting against mutants,Basalisk Soldiers Gen 1-3. The Chem troopers literally melted with chemicals, since Gen1 Basalisks where impervious to physical truama, the fire is just to speed up the process im assuming. Only a few men recieved Lazerus training and the Gloves are binded to the host, meaning no one else is allowed to use it, besides said Laz man. Hub then uses Rage Troopers like Parnell, for desperate measures; but thats as far as the mods go between humans.

Besides if he was modified, he would imidietly be a criminal, since Mutagen Soldiers are wanted by hub and will give out a huge pay out, which is why Abe(bounty hunter) has beef with Slim(Mutagen Soldier).

Only Slim has Mutagen Tech as far as we know, everyone else has technology for modifications.


There was no fire. Hyde just customized his after the war.

No one else can use it.


Basilisk Soldiers are wanted by Hub because they tried to be independent from Hub, not because they were modified. One of Vals first dropship dialogue went over that, “If you want to splice your DNA with insects thats fine, but if you decide that makes you free from Hub, then someones gonna put the boot down.”