Is Hunt Mode in your opinion a fair fight?


I play Goliath on defend all the time. I have lost once in the past three months with him. He is really good and taking out turrets and his rock and leap are great for gorilla tactics against the generator. Rock it, leap smash and dash out before the hunters can deal any effective damage.


Well, that wasn’t necessary.

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He said he hides the entire game. I think this was one of the massive issues with the game because this sort of thing isn’t fun. Even Angry Joe freaked over this. I’ll comment much nicer next time though in order to protect ones feelings, lol. I think this should just be looked down upon.

Wish devs could balance this issue though. It’s not as bad as it used to be, but every once in a while you will come across someone who just doesn’t want to play the game properly.

Maybe to a certain point of a match and you have a player who is just terrified to fight, the hunters gain an advantage till they fight the monster. Then it goes away. Perhaps the drop ship comes above the maps and immediately finds the beast and follows him. This way, Hunter can just cut through the map and give the beast a good old fashion whooping for wasting our time.


It’s not about feelings, it’s about following the rules of the forums (which are technically about that very thing). You need to follow them, no exceptions.

He freaks out about everything. His opinion is not one people on this forum hold in high regard. Bashing this game or the devs is also not advised. Aside from being against the rules for directly insulting someone, people here just generally don’t like it.

If you come across a player that doesn’t play fairly, then that’s the player, not the devs. Talk to them, don’t grief the developers for not blocking everything that seems unfun.


Im suggesting a problem and wondering if this issue could be fixed. Love the devs for their work. I am not aware of the rules though. I joined like 2 days ago, lol.

But like I said. I won’t say anything rude to another player next time. (:

Now I wasn’t being rude about the game. I was making an obvious statement of a real issue that the devs don’t want either.

Angry Joe speaks truth though. And I felt the weight on day one. This wasn’t the devs though. These were players who were not aware of how the game should be played.


Apologies, I seem to have taken a different tone when reading your post.

In any case, I appreciate you clarifying that.

Did you never read the forum rules and guidelines? Nobody showed you?


Oh that! Uh, yes I’ve read that, but I thought that was just a tutorial for how this website works. I have not read the whole thing, but I will now look even more into it.


He has a 40 meter traversals

  • charge + leap smash

Meoter Goliath has long ranged leap smash and charge (he is the fastest)

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Ranked is pretty fair if you take out of the buffs in equation, not to mention some buffs are down right broken at the moment. You sound like your pretty new to the game, LVL 31. In the beginning just expect to lose but try to learn as much as possible. As a monster player on small maps some times it’s just best to fight to give yourself and easier fight later even at stage 1. If you pour on the pressure on say trapper and he doesn’t back off he’s either gonna die or his team is gonna focus on healing and shielding which may take off some damage from you. Monster is kind of all about map movement routes and eating while moving which takes time to learn, not to mention combat and knowing when to engage on a target. [quote=“XYNK84, post:1, topic:82972”]
you dont know what direction they are going to come from until you are close enough to sniff them out,
This is untrue keep playing and keep your ears open :smiley:


lol yea I do hear the jet packs but still need to get better at distinguishing what direction they are,


I think the game is designed to suit a lot of play tactics and hence the 5 classes, dont like people running and hiding instead of fighting on the spot? go buy tekken, just a suggestion,

you could suggest to take stage 3 from hunt if people dont like the fleeing, but fleeing is part of the mode, its called hunt and not arena :slightly_smiling:


It would awesome if i could play solo and just turn hunters off, the monsters only ally is the map hes on so it would cool to run around freely and see what you dont see when escaping hunters.


If they thought they would lose if they kept fighting at the relay but it ends up as a draw if the monster doesn’t die?

If this is the scenario hunters at the relay are strong. So you either end up with a draw or the hunters chase you and you kill them after ambushing them.

Angry joe is an idiot.

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That is only true if the monster is stage 3, because he’s supposed to attack the generator and the hunters are supposed to defend it. However if the monster is stage 1 or 2 the hunters’ objective is to hunt the monster and kill him. If they don’t do that within the time limit they lose, even though the game says otherwise for some reason.


you mean hunter lose something if they dont kill the monster?


It’s not supposed to make sense story-wise.

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its only an issue if your not good enough to find me, I get found regardless and i enjoy pouncing on lone hunters that are stupid enough to spread out too far, cant find goliath even with the use of maggie or drone then the issue doesnt really lay with the game mode


yea never though about their objective being to kill you, timer runs out, monster still lives, monster is still the same issue they dropped for in the first place


Yes that definitely includes me AngryJoe is an idiot and I critiqued his Evolve review and showed all of it’s flaws not long after he put it out. He actually downright lied about some things in his Evolve review. I can’t stand any of the youtube gamers they’re only good for some gameplay video and seeing the mechanics, UI, etc…their actual opinion is $%^&.

Although I’m not giving the devs a pass either they tick me off so I’m AngryWanderwulf I guess. They do not balance the game properly and then change things that don’t need changed…and the things that DO need changed they take 6 months to do it (cough Sunny) staring at their sketchy telemetry charts that includes data from a lot of noobs that don’t know how to play the game.


Angry joe’s review was mostly truthful IMO, the game had like no content at day one (now the amount of content is fine if you’re willing to spend extra money for the DLC characters), it had balancing issues (still does), slow matchmaking (still does), crashes still happen (at least on ps4) etc.

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