Is Hunt Mode in your opinion a fair fight?


Hi, I am just wondering if you are a Hunt player and do you think its got fair odds of the monster winning over the hunters?

The issue I run into constantly is running out of time before I get the chance to feed enough to level up so I can battle it out, my issue isnt with the power of the hunters and the weeknesses of Goliath, I run in circles avoiding hunters to try and feed but when I do I need to run as birds give me away, then when its time to evolve on some maps the map is so small the hunters are never too far away and you dont know what direction they are going to come from until you are close enough to sniff them out,

Thats fair enough it keeps people from getting board as the hunters and keeps the monster on his toes. I’m assuming everyone kinda agrees Hunt mode is fine so far,

The thing that bugs me the most is this game is player vs player 4v1, I manage to run from the hunters and hide until there are 2 mins left and survive dome after dome, If i manage to kill a hunter he has 2 respawns 2 mins apart, so basically as monster you must kill all the other three player with that 2 mins to win, and to add to that if the hunters manage to chase you trap you and you use enough skill and effort to get away but after so little effort on the hunters part, they win by Default if you cannot kill all 3 within 2 mins of the first hunter going down you also loose, Variables against the hunters are a lot less, if they work together at all they seem to have a fairly handy number.

I would prefer if they had that threat of if they dont kill you (the Monster) they dont win either, instead of saying hunter win, they could have next team of hunters being dispatched shortly. Just a thought,

Am I just being picky or what are your thoughts? Thanks for your time


I would suggest that each hunter only gets 2 dropships


Hunt is pretty fair. I mean, the only real upset is when a certain character has unbalanced characteristics, like Sunny used to.

I think your biggest issue is running for 18 minutes. I mean, getting to S2 as fast as possible then engaging is what most do, but it seems more like you’re focused on not getting caught at all costs. Don’t do that, it only gimps you and makes the Hunt boring for the other side.

The biggest tip I could give you is not to kill people. Honestly, don’t. It just makes it tougher on you when you’ve got the timer, since you seem to be having trouble killing them fast enough. Just down them and go focus someone else. They’ll have a strike if they get up, and it adds time for you to be able to down everyone else. It also opens the opportunity to focus whoever decides it’s a good decision to revive them mid-combat. Goliath has some of the best burst damage in the game, so you should use that to your advantage and opening with Leap Smash and Rock Throw, then melee, Flame Breath and Charge is a combo I see often. It works, too.

In the end, Hunt depends on how you play it. Running a lot puts you at the time disadvantage, while fighting often forces you to manage your health more closely. Doing what you do is ineffective, so I recommend changing tactics to something that fits you better. I would say that booking it from the start without sneaking might fit better. It allows you to sneak later, once the ship is in and you’ve gotten a good distance from it.


There was a topic on your bottom query regarding if they don’t kill you hunters shouldn’t get the win either,it was said which is fair that monsters would just flee if they knew they was going to lose.

By default monsters are at least as strong as 5 hunters so if you don’t kill them or destroy the relay within the time limit its the monster players fault entirely.

I think at the minute hunt2.0 favours monsters on the whole more than hunters,you just have to look at the recent patch notes,most of the good hunters got nerfed hard.


cheers appreciate the advice, I tried changing things up, ran across the map, they usually seem to be up my ass and I keep getting tracking darts even from huge distances, so I run and run even just getting to stage 2 is a problem, I run like fuck but they start shooting again just after I used fire breath to kill and eat, But a battle is a battle, it take so much effort on the monsters part to run and feed and keep distance just even getting to stage 2 if the team is good, level 40 players are pretty good as Im 31, so getting away takes so much time I dont get to feed, I upset birds they fan out trapping you in that corner of the map, the map is too small for you to attack and kill before the others are to arrive, on PC the only players here seem all well seasoned in the game, so I am well used to loosing at this stage.

But hunter effort vs Monster effort per match? if the team is any good there is a heap of effort on the Monsters side, but hunters win by just making you run and keep you doing so. I dont think hunters should win be default, a battle to the death, at the mo its battle to the death only for the monster. for the hunter its just a battle against the clock,


It’s pretty fair for both side

Although I d like to see the treversals are more standardised

  1. Meteor Goliath can gain the largest distance
  2. Goliath
  3. Gorgon
  4. Behemoth
  5. wraith
  6. Kraken slowest monster


I wonder what the incentive is for the monster to run and hide if they thought them and the hunters would loose, if the hunters keep chasing the maps arent big enough for to just run and hide for 20 mins and never get caught up with.


I would never have thought Goliath moved faster than gorgon?


I think I agree with this it would stop some of the relay cheese and it would make EMET and Laz more viable so maybe we won’t see Val every match. They could make it so an EMET or Laz revival does not apply to the two dropship rule.


I think Hunt is the most balanced of the modes. Nest is too easy for Hunters, while Rescue and Defend are too easy for Monsters.


I haven’t played Defend in ages but I do remember it being hard as hell with Wraith…but Kraken totally owned it naturally.
Nest used to make me want to punch my monitor it was so easy for Hunters to win it. I used to play Evac only back in the day until I started playing monster only in Hunt.


I think with those its battle till the death most of the way, but with Hunt my only issue is if the team is good enough playing together that they keep you on your toes they win, no body dies and they win, thats the part that kills me with this mode, I run and dodge for 20 mins which is a heap of effort trying to find food and eat it and getting disturbed while eating by wild life etc, its a lot of effort to try guess where the hunters are, and keep enough distance so you have time to eat and kill something but staying outside if the domes range.

That seems like alot of effort in comparison to what hunters must do, If its 4 people that know eachother and played this game a few months I fail to see how they could possibly lose against any monster,

for example I played against a team in broken hill mines, tried to dupe the hunters to go elsewhere but failed, so the map is a center circle with 3 caverns, 1 open air, I ran and escaped twice but all they had to do is chase me through a cavern, I hid since I was still stage 1, but as soon as I fed bird gave my position away, they knew I was in this cavern and had the trapper with the dome on the only entrance, so game effectively won by them as they just left me with quater of the map to play with and they where in it, so no food or places to run I was screwed and lost.

An experienced team can corner you and win but even if I stayed hidden they just had to wait me out and they win. and you have no choice but to try run and do that it leaves foot prints and you will never get a chance to eat, its run around for 20mins and effectively loose, even if you get to stage 2 I make it with a lump of life usually gone from being domed stage 1, they coud really do with highlighting the hunter classes better, I sniff i see red outline but cant tell who is who if they stand near eachother


not really, at least in defend anyway. In defend hunters can just go out into the jungle and hunt the monster away from the relays after a fight, dome em with no armor and tear em up. It’s pretty a pretty un fun tactic, but hunters can force a fight with very little consequence. Especially with stage 3 being how it is now.


Cant say I am a fan of defend with Goliath, if the team decides to follow you and let the turrets take care of the minions, yours screwed pretty much


did stage 3 change?


ages ago i think. when they upped the power at stage 1 to promote more fighting and to discourage flee till 3.


I’d be shocked if the turrets were even capable of killing a minion anymore. They can be destroyed in less than five seconds from the start of a match and they do so little damage they might as well shoot spitballs.


well thats shit, at stage when you dont stand a chance, if they use the sky lazer and them anchors and all 4 shoot you your dead in about 15 seconds


it takes a rock throw and fire breath together and done, but they take long enough to destroy that they dont need to be very damaging, its more a distraction so hunter can do the damaging


You could destroy them with melee attacks also, their health has been lowered so much it’s ridiculous. It doesn’t even take 10 seconds to take them both out.