Is Hunt 2.0 on Xbox 1 Dead During the Day?


I can’t find a match as either hunter or monster after searching for 30 minutes on both.

When’s the game going free to play?


Well, a lot of people have either work or school, so it doesn’t surprise me. It’s also a Friday. People don’t stay in and game.

Also, that F2P thing probably not ever gonna happen. I won’t argue about it, simply because it’s not worth arguing over, but that’s my opinion and seems to be the devs’ opinions if they’re still strongly supporting the game.


When are you gonna get friends to play with? No waiting then.

Edit: since this has been a known issue from launch shouldn’t this go in rants? Especially with that last remark. They are constantly working on it after all.


I believe this belongs in the playerbase concerns thread.


If you don’t have a pre-made team than you will have trouble.


Had a team, still no matches.


I’d say yes. From 3am PST to 1pm PST there isn’t much going on. Especially on Friday’s which at first confused me but it turns out most people use Friday’s for irl fun. Which makes sense.
I try to squeeze in both for maximum edgyness.

Saturday during the day actually is pretty decent though.


If it takes too long and you are in a premade, have everyone reload evolve. Works for us anyway.


I play randomly at all times and have only waited 30 min maybe twice since the game came out… Usually i wait anywhere from 1 min to 15. Every once in a while i wait 20 min or so. I only play monster tho and always in hunt 2.0


probably after patch 9.0 they said they were working on f2p conversions.


I play almost everyday. and I don’t usually wait more than 2 minutes.