Is high level play too hunter favoured?


Hey folks, level 35 player here. This thread goes out to the people who know what they’re doing, I’m not going to reply to any ‘Wraith op’ stuff. Also notice that wildlife is not a problem to any hunter anymore. I never see games where Hunters get strikes from Wildlife.

Now that I got that out let me start. I will go over a usual hunt game from my perspective. Lets start with the teams: Maggie, Caira, Markov and Hank vs Goliath.

Vs a Maggie it doesnt matter if you sneak as Goliath, since eventually she will find you anyway. With a Caira und the team Daisy is basically always going to get you. What usually happens it that Goliath will be about halfway to stage 2 until he gets spotted. The Trapper cuts him off and domes him or Goliath jumps past the trapper into the opposite direction. If you get carrion birds as monster then, I guess you are as unlucky as I am. I could go on about why Caira and Maggie is such a deadly combo, why it is unfair that Abe can hit you with spamming tracking darts from 100 meters across the map and has a built- in Valerie by just throwing statis grenades from far away, but those threads are already plenty.

Now lets talk about the fights. In every game, hunters know the concept of ‘skirting’, a term implemented by Sacriel which describes the hunter going down an object and then simply jetpacking up again while the monster has trouble following. If you are Caira, then why not abuse this even more and heal yourself while doing so? These kind of actions are just frustating to play against as the monster and should be tweaked in my opinion.

Tl, dr. I am having a hard time seeing how I can improve as Monster in High level games vs Hunters. The Monster doesnt get to what I would call abuse game mechanics or use smart movement to evade a good hunter team. A good trapper will always hit the dome (unless its wraith with 3 teleports) and every fight just feels like the hunters are the ones to outplay the monster. I have intentionally fought next to Sloths, Tyrants and Megamouths but to no avail.


The game definitely shifts. At lower level it’s Monster stomping all the way but evens out more at high level play.

You also see a lot stronger Hunter lineups like Cabot/Abe/Parnell being run constantly. Cabot is probably in 80% of my games since getting above level 30.

Goliath is food for experienced Hunter teams, Kraken and Wraith can still contest pretty well though.

I had 100% win rate on Monsters up to level 30. After hitting 30 I’m maintaining a 90%+ win rate however I am maining Kraken. If I was maining Goliath it would be lower.


i’m finding it much harder to win with wraith than kraken vs good teams


At really high level play Kraken is probably the strongest Monster on the game at the moment.


What are your Tips for Kraken ?

I suck so much with him ^^ and Banshee mines are just worthless against good hunters because they start shooting at them


Holding at 90% win rate is considered a shift toward the hunters? Not by much man.


you have to consider how many games he played to get to level 30, and how many he’s played after…

I’ve noticed this too, and that “skirting” shit is retarded, makes it almost impossible to melee attack, basically all you can do is run away and try to rock throw because Caira is going to out heal your flame breath


You have to use them against someone without a gun out. Caira/Most trappers/some support.


TBH I think that if the following changes were made:

Abe’s dart duration 45->20 seconds.
Abe Stasis Field radius 100->80%.
Daisy movement speed = 75% hunter movement speed.
Carrion bird rarity = 33% of what they are now.

The game would be pretty balanced. Most of skilled and coordinated hunter teams are equally matched with a stage 3 monster in terms of fighting power. But with Abe/Daisy it’s nearly impossible to stage up to 3 unless you play full stealth mode and don’t get discovered until you’re stage 3. And the problem with Abe is that once he finds you, he’ll probably be able to shoot you with tracking darts continuously.

About skirting - it sucks but can be countered by all monsters.

As for Kraken tips, I can give you some. Always do your best to get to stage 2 as fast as possible. Take 2 points in Banshee Mines and 1 in Vortex. On stage two level both of them to 3 points. Then proceed to facerape the assault(keep attacking even if he has shield on, despite popular belief it has only a certain amount it can take and Banshee Mines will melt it quickly if used properly). Fire Vortex every CD and fire Banshee mines every 2-3 seconds(target must be in front of you. Vortex and melee attacks will disrupt assault from doing too much damage and the mines will be too close to dodge and rape him(1/3 health per mine with no strikes and over 1/2 health per mine with 2 strikes. And most importantly, NEVER fire more than 1 mine at the time. Once assault is dead, hunt down the others.

From my experience, easiest way to win as a monster against a really good team is to focus assault and interrupt as much as possible. Once assault goes down, you’ve effectively doubled or even tripled your remaining health.


“i never see games where hunters get strikes from wildlife”


so beautiful. so naïve

hang with me for an hour and i’ll find you a group that wipes themselves before we even see the monster


Considering that it’s going to be inflated by the 100% win rate up to level 30 there is a noticeable shift. Games were literally stomp after stomp. Now all of a sudden it’s top tier Hunter lineups constantly with average or better players. The only time I stomp as Monster now is if the trapper isn’t very good and I get a free stage 2. The only time I really sweat is stage 1 engagements which only happen against good players and when they do happen the game can go either way.

As for tips on Kraken don’t bother taking Aftershock. 1/1/0/1 -> 3/2/0/1 -> 3/3/0/3 skill build. Perk is always +15% damage or +30% cooldown rate. +cooldown rate seems to be better overall.

Sneak at the start and armor up. Use Vortex to AoE kill wildlife to farm bunches otherwise just use sneak attacks.

If the Hunters are ever on your tail just keep flying away spamming Vortex and Banshee mines at them. Once you get distance keep feeding until you get to stage 2. At stage 2 and full armor you can take a fight focusing the medic first unless they have Hank then he is target #1.

Lightning and Vortex are your bread and butter. Spam them the instant they come off cooldown with Banshee Mines inbetween. Don’t be afraid to go on the ground to camp bodies at stage 2 if your armor is up.

Stage 3 Kraken is a faceroll against any lineup unless you take a beating at stage 1 or 2.


Daisy slower than the hunters? That’s horrible.


Unlike yours, mine was a melee Kraken build. In hunt games, I honestly can’t figure out which is better. Though, if hunters have Abe, you’re usually forced to go melee.


That’s good. Hunters are already very fast and Daisy always knows where you are. Someone once said that Daisy zeroes in on your last kill instead of on the monster, but that wasn’t true. However, that would be a good alternative to speed reduction. Daisy would basically be a constant carrion radar, forcing monsters to kill and feed strategically without completely destroying their ability to feed and always spotting them.


And so it begins… lol. I figured it would have taken another week…

Anyway, on more than a few “Wraith are OP” threads I have mentioned that it was just a matter of time before the monster folks started to look for balancing on hunters. The hunter teams were bound to starting getting better. Kinda why I said it was a bit early for folks to complain about the Wraith etc…


I will have to try this


Abe’s dart is his only means of tracking the monster. That’s like asking for Griffin’s spikes radius to be cut in half.

Daisy needs to lead hunters sometimes, and not hinder them by walking slowly.

One of the only two ways to tell where the monster currently is without the trapper. If you hate carrion birds, eat bigger meats and stop having a buffet in one spot.

I’m okay with Abe’s radius nerf.


Daisy zero in on the most recent scent she can smell, when you are monster you automatically leaves a scent behind you, even when you sneak, and even through water. But through water the lifetime of the scent is shorter. Which is why if you do huge leaps through water you can still lose Daisy in some maps.

It was explained by devs a while ago.

And I disagree with everything everyone is saying about “fixing” the game in this thread.

Switch your mentality around, you aren’t trapped with them, they are trapped in with you. If you are above 50% win, you are better than the teams your face, if you are under you are worse.

Did you expect to stay around 90% win rate ?

As long as win rate stays around 50% then it should be ok. If you win rate is too high against experienced players, then there’s a problem, and if it’s too low, get better.

And seriously, stop picking Wraith until it’s fixed. For now, it’s a troll pick imo.


The problem with wildlife is, that it isn’t friendly enough towards the monster in a sense that for example you lure something towards a sloth. You try to strike with it, but the sloth also ends up damaging you and vice versa, which is unfortunate.

They also die very quickly if the hunters mow them down first in a dome ( which they do ) so yeah. It doesn’t feel like you can get help of the wildlife consistently. Once in a blue moon it works out, but cannot be forced.


Use nomads they are reliable