Is health regen the worst perk in the game?


i mean, whenever i see builds, i havent seen a single build with health regen.

is it such a bad perk?

do you guys think they should buff this by working while taking damage but reducing the health regen?


I’m torn, on the one hand I’d be happy for it to exist as a much reduced always on perk (like Laz’s effect while cloaked). Like 3hp/s at tier 1, 5hp/s at tier 2 and 7hp/s at tier 3. It’d be a good counter perk to monsters that pick DoT perks, as wel as being good to help counter DoT monsters a bit too.

But on the other hand, I like it as it is in principle, the notion that if you can get away from the fight for long enough that you’ll be able to amass rapid healing to get back to strength. I don’t know how the perk performs in telemetry but I know that it’s something I do go for sometimes on Trapper or Assault, if I feel I need that buffer for when the monster is invariably ignoring me to focus the support or medic.


Pretty much. I would only ever recommend it if you seriously don’t trust your medic, or if you are playing with kala and can teleport out of the dome. I also don’t think they need to buff it. It works well for new players, but there are more effective perks the higher the skill ladder you climb. I say keep it as a learning perk.


Is health regen even necessary any more? Or does it no longer get interrupted by damage?


it sure shares a spot with infravision


It can be useful, but it’s very very very niche.

Stacking all three HR perks means that if you ever get away from being damaged for enough time for the healing to kick in…It heals ridiculously, ridiculously fast. Try it out in solo.

So if you have a coordinated team with a good Support/Assault and a Trapper who knows what he’s doing, HR can basically get you out of jail free. The regen’s that fast.

Thing is, other perks are more useful more often and don’t require a massive opportunity to work. So yeah, HR’s not common.


Problem with hp regen is it works only when you are not focused. If you are assault you are not focused anyway.
If you are medic you need jet pack perks to dodge attack because you are focused. If you are trapper you are not focused. if you are support you are not focused most of the time.

Even tho you are not focused most attacks are aoe/dot and will stop hp regen
so you need to really move out of fight for it to work.

So It is something you do not really need and works very rarely in fights.

Best way to survive is dodge,if you are not hurt there is no need for hp regen :^)

It is still better than ultra infra super vision


Depends on the situation.

I have it on me for Support and Trapper. I usually stay away from the fray so if I happen to get hit, I can limp back to health while still providing shields and slowness.

For the other two, one, I am a medic and two, assault tends to get the most healing in a match. So I don’t worry about that.