Is he hacking ? Ranked play


Can anyone tell for sure if this guy ,assault, is hacking ?


Simple answer? Yes, fairly sure he was hacking. I used to play Parnell all the time. With his range, the spread would cause it to feel like he’s tickling you… That was like you were sitting right in front of him, and he was landing headshots.


Looks suspicious to me
Email 2k about it and if you can always get their steam profile address


Seems very likely, no Parnell can take a full bar of hp in 4 shots without a damage amp, especially at that range


If you suspect him, feel free to report him.


sigh ranked matches are like these improve your rank get win streak than a hacker comes…


Every game can be hacked, it’s sadly a part of gaming. Even Blizzard gets hacked, they can’t even do anything about it.


yeah, that is true . I hope devs can start working on some anti - cheat thing… tho I doubt it would change much.


Alteast your parnel was just doing damage mine yesterday teleported behind me all match, sadly shadowplay failed. but is there a difference as its es2 is free you just make new steam account …


Use Rickvs’ How To Detect A Hacker diagram next time.

Could someone be hacking?
It looks like he's hacking
His name is "[][][][][][][][]".Report that haxxor immediately.
His name looks normal though...He might be hacking. Keep an eye on him.
He doesn't seem to be hacking.Nope, no hackers here.


have faced them too =.= and they are dam annoying…


I beg to disagree on your Blizzard example, you’re free to go to their forums and try to find any complain of cheaters, they get detected and banned properly.

Right now Evolve has no anti-cheat at all, and the developers don’t seem worried about it.

Reporting players with the current system is ridiculous, hard and flawed.


Okay, anyone with squares in their name is a hacker and I’ll never play against one now…


you have to buy one game to use the friendlist though :slight_smile:


ahh I have seen the all boxes assault name doing odd things before too… Like popping and hovering around the monster reguardless of physics or game engine.

Those shots were not legit.


Parnell is my highest assault @ level 30ish and I can say with almost certainty that he was cheating. There’s no way he was doing that damage at that range with shotty. His super soldier seemed to last the entire time too judging by the fire rate, so he may have had no cooldown cheats + autoaim + no spread or some shit, that’s what it looks like. Even with a Cabot beam + super soldier + melee range I’m not sure the damage would be that high and consistent.


I think Blizzards policy is atrocious. People can be mis flagged because of things like assist programs for windows (like for the hearing impaired) as 3rd party cheats.

I think a weeks ban would be fine. and just keep increasing it double after that is the best policy.

(just did a specific search for cheats on evolve and there are pages dedicated to Legacy Evolve still)


So the game handles spread calculation on the client?
Surely they didn’t do that? Right?


maybe full damage perks ?


That was a player from Thailand if you didn’t know… [TH] is abbreviation for thailand