Is Griffin good?


Griffin really is bad he not the best what is your opinion


A Griffin with a good aim can be brutal.


Griffin great if you take the time to learn him. In the right hands he is easily the best trapper in my opinion.

I still prefer Maggie though.


All depends on the situation.


Yep, Griffin is good, especially with Sunny >_<


Griffin is really good, it depends on the player. If they have good aim he’s scary. Don’t underestimate him .


And wait for his adaptation.
Maggie has fire…Goliath uses fire
Kraken uses “electricity” (dark matter) maybe griffin will use the same.


Griffin is amazing if you can aim. He can be the most harassing trapper for the monster if played well. :smiley:


no hes just an annoyance who plays with his harpoon


Depends on the skill of the person using him. Someone who can position well and knows how to use his tracking, he can be a nightmare, but the average person might not be able to use him to his full potential and make him seem weak. I dislike him, can’t use him well, and strongly prefer Abe and Mad Mags over Griff. There is something to be said about stopping Monster traversals, though. I’ll admit that’s one damn fine perk of playing him.






@niaccurshi and @MrTalha will vouch for Griffin and say that he’s good. :stuck_out_tongue:


He’s somewhat pointless against behemoth, but a patient Griffin with good aim, positioning, and timing will really frustrate a monsters’ intentions.

Against good monsters you will be the most exposed trapper as Griffin, so having good heals on your team is important, as is a team that capitalises on the monster not targeting one of the three main hunters for taking out the monster.

If you are finding Griffin rubbish to play as, work out if it is because you are getting focused or because you are not seeming as effective as a Maggie or Jack.

If it the former, either try to communicate with your team more about protecting you, especially with the team cloak, or more likely learn to move in to the best positions that allow your team to keep life of sight on you and the monster.

If it is the latter take some time to practice against a bot, the aim being to learn the art of timing your shots. A Griffin the harpoon whenever it is available is much less effective than one that waits for a few more seconds to harpoon as the monster winds up its attack, or starts to climb.


Griffin is “bad” because he requires effort.
If you are willing to put some effort into it, then he is not bad at all.
His harpoon can do everything the repulsor can and more frequent, except that he can’t protect himself with it.

A little shame about the deployables nerf though, because now you cover 40% less chokepoints, making spike placement less tactical and more about luck.
Basically from:
"I’ll block off this, this, this. this and this area so the monster will either have to go this route or trigger a spike.“
"Eh, I am sure the monster will pass through this area… eventually.”

It’s not the end of the world though, because the only tracking tool in the game that always (unless the monster have really done their homework) point thoward the monster is Daisy.
Abe, Crow and Jack all require a little bit of luck.


A good Griffin needs:
Forward Thinking

Find a Griffin who is missing one of them? Forget it. Pick Maggie.


Thats every hunter except for caira.


Yeah, but I find him more annoying with her xD


I find everyone more irritating with her :wink:

but yeah sunny + griffin = terrible times for the monster. Makes me sad when I see sunny when I’m playing hunter cause I refuse to play Griffin with her and he’s my favourite trapper.


Griffin is one of my favorite trappers. You just need to pick and choose your harpoon shots.


Griffin is hands-down THE BEST Trapper IF you can master him. Highest skill cap, but his CC and tracking are better than everyone else’s.

His sound spikes are the best tracking within a dome, which is really where any Trapper’s device shines.
Once placed, they last forever, unlike Crow needing to throw Gobi, Jack needing to place a Scanner, Abe needing to dart every 45 seconds, and Daisy only giving you a proximity - which means a Monster can be hard to see, depending on the terrain.

His CC is brutal, because the stasis users only slow the Monster, and unlike Maggie, his Harpoon recharges faster. Jack is literally the exact opposite of his ability, but with a set duration. If a Monster is unaware of being harpooned by Griffin, he can hold a Monster forever.

His drawback is that he cannot do anything else while stuck to a Monster. But I do find that most Griffin players do not realize that they are the only Trapper who can DRAG a Monster.
Once he sticks a Monster, a good Griffin needs to pull as long as he can before the line breaks.