Is Gorgon's Wall Pounce cheap?


Does anyone else think that Gorgon’s ability to traverse to a wall and then immediately pounce a hunter for free frontloaded damage is a really cheap tactic?
It will last a very short time as the other hunters will shoot it off the victim, but the damage is noticeable and pretty much unavoidable. It really feels like kraken when it used to pounce spam in combat.


No, Gorgon has almost no burst damage potential besides Mimic which is useless against a good team especially during a dome fight, plus wall pouncing makes Gorgon a very easy target for your Assault


I’m quite good as gorgon and I hardly use this mechanic therefore I don’t see it as cheap or anything like ya man said she’s weak anyway.


Gorgon OP



If only! She’s as weak as my left tes…


Except for the insta pounce kill ^^

Still waiting for the patch notes to confirm it’s fixed…


Gorgon’s wall pounces atm… instant kills all day.


I actually did not know she had an instant kill pounce till yesterday when someone called me out on it. So i guess i won’t use her for hunt until this gets fixed :frowning:


Uh, so to summarize she’s weak so she’s allowed to get a free pass on this?

This community sometimes…


If anyone has played Left 4 Dead before, then they will remember the Hunter and how it’s primary damage dealing ability was to pounce ontop of the survivors and maul them to death. Gorgon does the same thing with her wall pounce. And just like Gorgon, the Hunter did initial pounce damage to the survivors based on the initial height of where the pouncing action originated. Now I am not agreeing that it should be an instant kill. But complaining that it does any initial damage at all is a bit much considering how frail she is.


I’m not complaining because it does damage. I’m “complaining” - more like discussing, God forbid that - because it’s too reliable and quick. That Gorgon’s skillset is weak is a different matter.


[quote=“Vetril, post:9, topic:81769”]
This community sometimes…
[/quote]Hey, we don’t start discussions in the forums expecting everyone to agree with one’s perspective, that’s not how discussions work. People share their opinions and then discuss them in a friendly, civil and mature way :smile:

I’m not saying that you aren’t, it’s just a friendly reminder. Just because a lot of people disagree with you it doesn’t mean that your opinion is irrelevant. Also, bringing generalizations into a discussion is not a good idea. :bucket_cute:


I’m not expecting anyone to agree with me by virtue of me being me.
But I expect people to make sense, and to me saying “yeah well she’s a weak monster so it’s ok if she has a pounce mechanic better than kraken’s - about which the community complained some time ago” doesn’t really have a logic, so I’m amazed.


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The limitation of the wall pounce is that is has a restrict area underneath it of where Gorgon can actually pounce.


/\ example of what a discussion moderator is suppose to do. Are you an arbitrator by day?


I have to disagree with the basic premise of the question. The wall pounce is a mechanic that is part of this monsters kit. There is nothing unfair about the tactic. The only issue to be considered is if the damage is comparable to other monster character attacks.

Also as of right now, if the glitch that gives the gorgon player am in stand loss has not been fixed then people have not truly been given the chance to test out the mechanic to its full potential. I’ve lost about 10 times due to the wall poounce glitch.


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