Is Goliath's Heavy Attack while Leap Smash going to be removed?


Goliath can perform a Heavy Attack while doing the leap animation of his Leap Smash ability. The Heavy Attack usually knocks the hunter directly into the Leap Smash.

@Insane_521 Is this bug gonna be fixed in TU9?

EDIT: Same bug seems to be with Elder Kraken being able to melee while casting Lightning Strike.


Why would you want that removed? I like that bug.


Because it’s a classic example of a hidden, unintended mechanic. Some monsters know about it and use it. New players don’t know about it and are on a disadvantage.
Monsters shouldn’t have to rely on exploits and cheesy strategies to be able to win. ^^

Remove it, make Evolve simpler and less frustrating. There is too much hidden knowledge, over-complicated mechanics and tumbling in Evolve.


So I guess you want Kelder’s ability to melee while charging Lightning Strike removed as well?

I don’t want it removed. I think this helps Goli and Kelder hit the target with full power.


I take it that the animation either looks wrong or doesn’t show a melee attack at all?
If so, fix that shit.

If it does show an animation then it’s a different matter entirely.
Yet still, fix that shit.

I feel like some people still don’t grasp the concept of exploit reports so I suppose I’ll just put this here in advance as always:
Just because we want to see an exploit removed does not mean we want a character nerfed into the ground. If removing said exploit shifts a character’s balance around then naturally we expect a buff in return to another, non-exploit aspect of this character.


I didn’t know about that. But now as you mentioned it, yes. Don’t you think Kelder has enough combo and tumble potential? Not to mention his sneak-pounce spam… (at least the latter is confirmed to be addressed)

You should corner a hunter, time and aim your attacks properly or at least drain his jetpack to hit with an ability. Not last-minute bug-tumble him into the ability.

It does show a one-handed swing with his arm while leaping.

Exactly. I cannot foresee what Goliath needs after TU9 to be successful. But he does not need exploits. :wink:


Wait whuuuuuuuuuut? This explains so much…
I have to try that before it gets fixed. Against bots of course :stuck_out_tongue:

This. Far too little people understand this.


speaking of unintended combos. Is the leapsmash pounce combo intended?


I liked the Super Speedy Rockthrow with Goliath too, but it got fixed after nearly a year :frowning:


You sound like one of those assholes that pick Kelder and go berserk against team of bot, newbie and two mediocre players in QP.


I barely go Kelder and I barely go QP. I play Ranked and Customs, and I go MG, Goli, Wraith, and sometimes Bob. Heck my Kelder isn’t even halfway elite.