Is FT2 the new FT3?



So I recently played a game where a Goliath rushed to stage 2 on Wraith Trap. Now I don’t wanna jump on the monstersOP/huntersUP bandwagon, because I know that for the most part everything is balances, with a few exceptions, and that players just need to learn the layout of the game.

Now back in Legacy, FT3 was when a monster wouldn’t engage the hunters until it evolved to stage 3, where it had the advantage. This made it nigh impossible for the hunters to win, because hunters had to take all of the monsters health down in 1 go before he would kill them and get the relay, ALL WHILE the monster had very damaging attacks, so there was no real way to outheal the damage, at least if the monster was good.

Now the team comp was Parnell, Laz, Cabot, and Griffin. Not the best comp, but the monster would always focus Laz. Laz balance is a whole different discussion, so I’ll get to my main point.

At stage 1, monster now has 4 ability points in hopes of making the monster stronger, so at stage 2 the monster now has 7 ability points. Well if monster reaches stage 2 without any health damage, there is no way to make up for that stage 1 damage that should have been done. The timer won’t be of any use because of how fast the monster can get to stage 2. The Goliath I played against was able to due in in 1:30, leaving 10 minutes on the clock.

Now I’m worried about this because in a month or so, players will start getting better, and all it takes is 1 exploit to scare new players off. Then it means we have yet another toxic mechanic in game, and I really don’t wanna fight a FT2 every game.

To fix this problem before it spirals out of control, there needs to be some sort of counter measure for this. I just want to bring this to TRS’s attention in hopes that is does not turn into the equivalent of FT3 back in Legacy.


FT2? Causals.



I can get to 2 pretty quickly if I can juke the hunters and avoid a dome. I’m not sure it should be a bad thing that monsters get to a point where both sides are even.


There is a countermeasure. The dropship time.


Flee till 2 was always a thing, and the new done mechanic punishes those who try to avoid fighting at stage 1, so personally i think we’re all good


If the monster got you at Stage 2 with only a :30 timer then the Hunters screwed up. Happens.


If they can get to stage 2, why wouldn’t they? Especially since it only takes like 2 minutes. It’s your job to catch them and now it’s easier than over.

They are increasing of amount of food you need to evolve in the next update.


This is part of the reason why we increased the food required to stage up to Stage 2 in the next update.

We’ve got our eyes on it, so we’ll be watching things closely in the weeks to come.


But this guy found a feeding route, so by the time we were cutting him off he was already Evolving.

BUT the system is hunter strikes for monster heath. When he gets to stage 2, there is already 30 seconds on the timer, and by focusing Laz he was able to get another 7 seconds onto it.

Once Laz died it was easy to pick off the other members of the team, so each down would add another 7 seconds to the timer.

Hunters then drop, and he would do the same thing, target Laz, etc.

Could be a Laz problem, but like I said, I want to bring it to TRS’s attention.

But the game is still new, so strategies haven’t been found yet. Like I said above, I want to put it on TRS’s radar so it doesn’t end up like FT3 back in Legacy.

Easier said than done if the monster has a feeding route.

Thank you.

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