Is Evolve tiring already?


I don’t know about everyone else, but every game in which I participate is the same exact thing. The Monster runs away for the ENTIRE match, while the Hunters struggle at even catching up, until it reaches Stage 3 and then proceeds to maul the Hunters. It’s extremely irritating that the Monster has infinite stamina while the Hunters, being slower than the monster already, have little to no stamina whatsoever. I can’t understand how the Hunters have even the smallest margin of success.


Been winning against monsters quite a lot. If you’re shooting at the monster when it’s running, it’s stamina regeneration increases.


theres alot less running involved when your team gets better.


I’ve had games where I had zero to none air to find a safe spot to evolve because hunters were on me like a bloodleech. You need to pass through the early levels until you start finding proficient hunter teams who know how to find and chase a monster … until there you’ll have a wrong perception of the game as it stands.


During the last big test (Beta) numbers were very close to 50/50. However at lower levels I think it does favor monster. Gotta stick with it!

And what @Essen said, cause he’s cool :wink:


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Hunters have been seriously buffed since PC alpha. Its incredibly easy to track the monster (thanks the over the top Daisy buffing), easy to find the monster, and therefore not so tough to kill the monster.


Threads like these make me think I should just turn my back on the forums for a couple of weeks.

If anyone thinks that they’ve figured out this game in 10 hours, you’re flatly wrong. You’re not playing against an AI with an exploitable Achilles’ Heel, you’re playing against a person, and if you’re losing that persistently, then your tactics need to be re-examined. Odds are you’re playing in pug games and no one is stepping into a leadership role.

There is no yellow ribbon for Second Place in EVOLVE – hunt or be hunted; you decide.


Every match I’ve played the hunters have been on me like a wet jock strap. I get domed stage 1 nearly every time. Don’t care. I jump in and fight. They’ve only managed to whack me at stage 1 once. This game is stupid fun. I think if you stick with it you’ll have better matches as the player base learns how to hunt/track.


The only thing that is making me tired is lack of sleep because of this game! loving every minute of it and knowing my L4D History i will love it for 10 more years in the same way i do today


I’m not tiring of the game at all. I’ve been playing on PS4 all day. The game is in need of some bug fixes and balance tweaks, but other than that… I love it.


It’s just a matter of learning the maps and getting better at cutting the monster off. I really hate to sound like a broken record, but that’s really all you can do. Try splitting up and staying in towards the center of the map until you can get in front of the monster


rank 16 wraith here, i mostly fight them at stage 1 or 2


I’ve been catching monsters at Stage 1 as trapper all last night personally.

@Essen is correct. Also if you are having trouble catching a monster, try playing it. Helps to know your enemy.


It was YOU! Man, during the beta I was a sneaky Pete. Last night? Holy shit, they were all over me from jump street.


I play a lot of monster so when I’m trapper I just think “Where would I go? Which way do I think he’s going to try to juke?”

Usually turn out correct. This works better on maps I know very well like Fusion plant, harder on new maps though. But I’m learning them slowly.

Seriously biggest advice I can give to anyone who thinks the monster can just run, play as the monster for a bit and just kind of see what works for you. Then when you are trapper, you will remember what you would have done as monster and you can adjust accordingly.

You must ALWAYS be thinking about where the monster WILL be, not where he is at currently.


As a Goliath, I often don’t even bother to go S3. Most of the time I test the waters in S1, try to do some damage and run away when armor drops. Then I evolve and armor up before going for strikes … and end up killing the hunters in the process.

And if the hunters are better than me, I seldom get the chance to S3 anyway.

As for catching the monster, after 10 hours of play, you should start to be able to predict the monster’s actions to some degree. If you keep chasing him, you’ll never catch anything, he is faster. If you start looking at the minimap while chasing and try to corner him, you should be able to force fights more often.


When the hunters are good, they ride the monster’s ass across the map, always 2 steps behind. Thats what 90% of my games are like. So with all respect, get better at the game first, then complain. That sounds assholish and it probably is, but its true.


As many have mentioned, you’re probably currently in the lower skill level range. (hey the game was just released, can’t blame anyone) When you play with more proficient hunters, you will soon realize how hard it is for a monster to get away from the hunters. You’ll barely have 20 seconds of rest and feeding time before they’re after your ass again.


best tip

split up as assault+medic and support+trapper support cloaks when monster is near to dome

and DONT shoot him at range or u will never catch him