Is evolve tailor made for the hunters?


Seems like devs are giving into every single complaint hunters have, if you want an easy mode game go hire your own developer team and make your own damn game.


Nah its rather balanced, I’m a monster main and other than 1 thing cough sunny cough, I never feel at a disadvantage.
They hear out both sides equally, for example Slims Spore launcher, Sunnys Jetpack booster, Torvald shooting mortars on himself-The 3 things driving just about every monster nuts, are all getting toned down (or removed in the case of Torvald)
So no, not really hunter tailored, just a little unbalanced is all


just played my first game in days as the wraith and I was doing good and it randomly disconnects me because of their ghetto servers




Im just saying


Yeah, it happens now and then, its usually steam on my end, always somethin goin wrong with steam :confused:


I feel the exact opposite, in my opinion… Nerfs are always happening to hunters, I feel is totally because bad monster players complain… Examples: Cabot rail gun, Slims spore gun, Markovs mine damage… The buffs to hunters were needed, and still need to happen… As the game stands today, when I play monster (Wraith) I rarely need to get beyond stage 2 to win the match against 40 ranked players on hunter team… I’m winning at stage 1-2 constantly…

These new hunters came out and forced monsters to adjust or change there play style… And the first thing they do is complain OP… And why not, it’s easier than playing and practicing and learning to be better…


Hunters got way more nerfs than monsters. And yeah still waiting for some of those nerfs on broken Kraken with his crazy win rate.


Stage 2 is when you’re on equal footing, so really winning at stage 2 is quite common.


Slim did twice the damage of any other medic you know that right


Ive won on stage 1 as behemoth kraken wraith it just depends on the team you’re facing, any decent team is a challenge as the monster on this game now. Its been out long enough that people are starting to get the hang of it.


[quote=“Tyler_X, post:11, topic:55455, full:true”]any decent team is a challenge as the monster on this game now
You make it sound like decent team is not supposed to be a challenge, lol. So who wants the “easy mode” here?


I personally still find “decent teams” to be easy but I guess that’s just me.


I think they generally sacrifice artistic intent for the sake of their playbase. I don’t blame them. It’s understandable, both ethically and from a business point of view. But considering that - The hunters are usually more played, so it makes sense to cater towards them more than to monster players.


its so frustrating when the hunters are on my tail and i cant shake em lol. its like I know that their job is to chase me down I wish they didnt do it so well sometimes lool. i will be running away at the start and then they are right on top of me


So what that he did twice the damage… His play style requires him to stay engaged close and fighting to be contributing to team and healing… I have no problem with a medic that does more damage than the rest of the medics… That added a different element to game, why should every hunter in class play like and do damage exactly alike?


Im just saying theres no reason to buff him dude. that was your first point…


quit editing your comments just to add antagonistic statements at the end


10 patches and they still havent got it right


And he has like half the healing only thing I don’t like about him is his spore cloud.