Is Evolve skipping the 2k WEEKEND sale on Steam?


This looks like it would be a good chance to get more players into the game and perhaps upgraded especially since 2k has the front page banner and many other great games on sale atm.


Sure seems that way, which kinda sucks. :frowning:


Evolve has been on sale very recently… perhaps they have stuff planned for the anniversary? Who knows?!

Hint: I do not know.


Ultimately this was a 2K choice. Evolve has been on sale a lot recently. I am unsure why they didn’t just auto-include Evolve but there has to be some reasoning for it…sadly I’m not privy to it. But I also wouldn’t be upset by it. If someone wants to buy Evolve they will either buy it outright (the price isn’t bad to begin with now), or wait for a sale on Steam, or go pick it up at Best Buy or something where their standard price on it is about $25. Shoot it is $9.43 on Amazon right this second as I post (only 2 copies left at that rate though! Other formats it’s about $20. Unsure why the digital copies are $40 when the physical ones are so cheap…).

I remember when Evolve first came out people complained that they would buy the game if it was in the $40 range, but not $60. Now they say they would buy if it’s around $15 or $20, but not $40 and there is way more stuff included. I’d be amused by the irony if I wasn’t saddened by it first.


Ahhhh yes the good ol I want more for less then once it does happen I want even MORE for less.

I was extremely fast in forking over 60 and I never looked back and looking at the merchandise I have I honestly wish I could buy more.

I would by more skins if I had the funds for it, I would by figures if I had the funds for it but if anything I am still happy with my investments. My gaming computer room is ever so slowly becoming Evolve themed.

From having the art of evolve on my desk to my background being Kala draining Gorgon of armor, to having a custom TRS logo mousepad and if anything I am happy with every purchased character I get.