Is Evolve Nearing It's End?


I’ve been playing this game since day one and it was just amazing. Eventually I took a two month break from it because of the amount of bugs there were affecting my experience with the game. I get back on today to see if everything was fixed, so far so good. I’m extremely satisfied with this because I can now play Evolve with having to worry about falling through the map, getting my stats reset ext… So I get on, download the update and I start a que for ranked play/hunt and it literally took over 30 minutes to find a match! I don’t know if the problem is from people just getting the patch or if the population is really just this bad! Anyways my friend and I find a match and we are greatly disappointed. Can I just say skill based matchmaking my ass! My teammates were complete trash! If this game doesn’t get good soon and improvements aren’t made then it may experience a much more bigger population flunk.

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It’s only been a few hours, a lot of people haven’t downloaded the update yet.


skill based. not level based. so trash + you + good players are all queuing with the same “level”


Sorry for the miscommunication. Just changed the title. Found this one to be more relevant to the subject.


Ok I had to literally struggle with your response, please you need help with your English. And if I read your response correctly you said not skill based matchmaking? Actually yes it is.


He is saying that it is skilled based. That it could be taking time for people without ranks to pair up with people who have them. I think.


If so he has a point. But why would they implement this? This could affect the player population even more and get inaccurate skill based lobbies.


There is no proof that the skill basing is inaccurate because most people haven’t played enough games to get a rank yet.


keep playing until the “skill” gets established. by the mighty words of RIOT games. “you will fall under where you belong in roughly 30 games or so”

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Still doesn’t make sense. I understand what you are saying but you’re telling me that you are paired up with people not around your skill level but once you play 10 games you are positioned in that skill area? That’s an awful idea.


how else does a system establish skill? you have to start somewhere. including level 40 will just make scrubs play higher up and lose more.

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How do you not get it? How can they pair you up based on skill if there is no record of your skill? Do you think they are just going to put you into gold?


How is it supposed to establish your skill if you have only played one game in ranked…?
And it’s rude to tell people to work on their English. So many people on this forum speak English only occasionally as a second language.


They implemented skill based matching because it was needed. Tons of threads about it since launch. I’ve even posted a length thread myself that seems to be almost identical to the current system, but I don’t take credit since many people wanted this and I’m sure they did as well.

You need something like this where people can fight on par with people of their skill, not their level. This is because some people will buy the game and be naturals at monster, but suck as a hunter. If they reach lvl40 and still need work as a hunter then its better to player with others on their current level until they build in skill and rank up through effort. This is fair.

They have been working on this system before launch iirc, so I know they’ve been fine tuning it for awhile. That said, people will need to play more for it to even out. Along with that, fine tuning will need to be done along the way. As long as its done right over time, this is a good step forward.

To tell you how they said it would work (more or less) is that it isn’t just based on win/loss since people can throw matches to rank down or rank up. It actually tracks personal efforts. So even if your team is trash, if you personally perform well then you can rank up. Everyone starts at the bottom and through matches, their rank will go up. Previous rank means nothing since it was a dummy-type rank system. So the trash you were with won’t be there next week unless they improve or you get worse by chance. That’s assuming you yourself performed well. Even with a trash team, you can rack up personal stats by doing damage, healing, doming, etc. If the monster trashed you before you could do anything, then that’s just his skill, your bad luck, or just you (no offense, just being straight forward) The win/loss itself doesn’t count for everything in the algorithm.

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No I do get it. My point is why is it putting me in lobbies full of a bunch of dumbasses? Then when I’m done with those 10 games I’ll be placed in a division where I’m stuck playing with them.


You. Have. No. Record.

Neither does anyone else.

It will take time for the game to establish how good you are. Or aren’t. Along with everyone else. It doesn’t just magically know. What did you EXPECT to happen?


The game measures your individual skill based on those 10 games. As long as you’re doing well it won’t matter what your team did. So if you do well then you’ll be placed with other people around your skill level. I honestly don’t know of a simpler way to explain it to you.


its ok my english is fine. i just thought you had an IQ capable of figuring how the internet likes to type.

my only advice would be to pair up with ppl. solo q in league of legends is 10x harder than duo queuing.


Please bring any concerns about the playerbase here.


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These are getting so annoying…