IS Evolve hunter favored?


if you put a Sunny on a team Can it be beaten?

i asked 4 good teams to help me out so i told them to pick sunny everytime the other classes didn’t matter

Team 1 I won 1 lost 4
Team 2 I won 1 lost 4
Team 3 I won 2 lost 4
Team 4 I won 1 lost 4

against any team without a sunny i will win alot more add a sunny into the equation and i just get demolished

So i asked the same teams to do it without a sunny here are the results

Team 1 I won 5 lost 0
Team 2 I won 4 lost 1
Team 3 I won 5 lost 0
Team 4 I won 5 lost 0

i won against these teams alot more drastically more the games were close it wasn’t no pub stomp they were close games.

So is sunny op is their a counter pls tell me?


If sunnys in a game I do my best to ghost round the map till I’m stage 3 then I burst her down before her drone kicks in. If you get domed at stage usual RoE there. At stage 2 try either getting the strike on her or beating the trapper if you can counter the hover (vortex or abduct)


Sunny is easily countered. Throw ar rock in medics face, turn around flamebreath someonenelse, throw a rock in medics face, repeat until medic is down. Proceed to beat team.

Oversimplified but you should always lead with a heavy attack then switch target. Make a light hit on someone else so the drone switches to. Its only a reactive defense layer and will not help against spreaded damage.


Is Sunny OP? I wouldn’t call her OP per say, but she needs a couple of tweaks. First of all the Mininuke still does too much damage. A tiny dial back to its DPS is called for, I’d say. Second of all, the Jetpack Booster shouldn’t be flinging a team mate out 50m for each boost when it gives you four boosts per clip and recharges in no time at all. They need to either lengthen the CD, lower the clip or make the Booster NOT increase speed/distance per boost.

As for counters, breaking line of sight is key, but you have to keep the Shield Drone in mind too. When it shields someone, attack another Hunter. It will shield them. Then switch back.


as long as carrion birds exist within the first 2-3 min, YES its hunter favored


This is so true. :cry:


If you play against really good Hunter teams it feels like it does I’ll say that much. Also I hate the matches where it’s impossible to get Evolved to Stage 2 because they are impossible to lose once they spot you. I think the random birds need nerfed a little. Most of the monster players that brag about all their wins are just playing against baddies.


i think the title of this thread should be changed. this sounds like a discussion about sunny, but that is not what the title implies





Maybe. But it’s not like you can just walk in and be a Hunter. Hank had to strangle a guy in a gas station bathroom to get the job. Rumor has it Markov blew up the entire building a perceived rival lived in. If there is any bias in favor of the Hunters, it’s because they are the real monsters.


Sunny’s jetpack booster is unfavorably strong against monsters to the point it’s overpowered. It shouldn’t have the super fast dash feature in the first place and should just make it so the hunters can have 3-4 regular jetpack boosts without consuming their own jetpack rations. That way they can still dash and dodge, but without it being a poorly thought out and unfair advantage.


Another strategy I use is to kill the drone (preferably - using one of L2 or L3 abilities).
Then you have at least 5-6 secs to kill Medic.

But overall - I agree that Sunny is very irritating hunter. It is not always easy to kill Medic within that short amount of time or - like you propose - to effectively kill hunters by switching targets (before Sunny was introduced - that was something that monster should NOT do, I mean switching targets).


land your level 3 ability. punch or use weaker ability behind u on someone else. land second strongest abilty. rinse and repeat. by far the easiest thing to deal with.

its getting away thats the issue. an issue u need to turn around and punish the lone hunter. again. gg lol.

I still think hank is stronger. as a defensive support.


Sunny is really Beazelbub, using her demonic powers to fling hunters right on the monster’s tail(s) in a never ending haras-spree


I think all you’ve discovered here is that you need to change your approach on how you fight teams with Sunny. It’s different, but not terribly difficult once you get used to it. Focus on being more evasive than usual in domes early on and LOS the drone. Any time she has to replace it, you have plenty of time to wail on people, then adjust once you see the blue beam come in. What else is giving you problems from what you can tell?
Don’t try to sneak at all once you’ve been spotted. If there is no Maggie, you can sneak initially, but once they’ve found you, a good team will not get shaken off with Sunny, so move as fast as you can and eat sparingly. Stay on the move, and then clear across the full map when you are going for an evolve.


Annoying is a sunny caira combo… its impossible to get a down on stage 1. And with Crow the chase is a real struggle. Lost my first games vs a good team just now. Had not much practice vs that comp…


I would say it is a mix because TRS have botched up the balancing so much at the moment. Kraken is too powerful and the T4 are too weak, poorly designed to fight it.


has anyone here tried val, sunny, griffin and markov AR only?

this is the comp to beat kraken. IMO. the trick is finding him stage 1 and never letting him go. everyone fires from far range when the dome lands.


Of course Sunny is OP. But only her shield drone is OP, the rest is fine.


I hate fighting Sunny as the match can be fairly easy, or extremely difficult. If a good Sunny is playing I’ll actually try to avoid the relay fight like the plague, aiming for a stage 2 win if possible.

If Sunny strolls in and drops a drone wherever its annoying but workable; however, get that Sunny that likes to drop the drone on top of things well out of harms way then you’re in trouble. You can barely touch a hunter, so now you’re soaking up damage trying to get to the drone. You finally kill the thing and, with a lack of any reasonable cool down, Sunny was already perched in a new location and dropped a new drone. Out in the wilds you can control this a bit more by picking where you want to fight and trying to a first strike (even if you’re being chased.) Relay fight? Well, best be prepared for the worst stage 3 fight you could possibly have. Without a reasonable cool down (charging really isn’t a great cool down) you’ll be chasing drones unless you can catch Sunny in the act and focus on her until she’s incapacitated/dead.