Is Evolve compatible with Windows 10?


Is it compatible?

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@Macman @SlabOMeat
We would really like to know how well Evolve works on Windows 10.


Updated your title, good question too!


I want to know as well


I want to upgrade but I’m nervous.


Has anyone received their download notice?


@RCSRex has W10 and can play Evolve. Though it is the Windows Beta version or something but that changes nothing. :stuck_out_tongue:



I haven’t gotten anything like that.


Click on your “Get windows 10” button if you have one and it might say so.


Ah, mine is ready.
But I will wait until Friday so that games have a chance to catch up just in case.


Has anyone gotten Windows 10?
How is it?
Does it play games well?
Does Evolve work?


Bumping to ask these questions again.


Well it is compatible, i have upgraded yesterday. and the game is running.
But after the upgrade i had some serious fps drops in combat (it dropped to 30 sometimes, when there was spore cloud all around, or dust and aftershock and fire everywhere) with maxed settings and smaa 1tx.
It was rock solid 60 fps before with windows 7 64 bit on gtx 970 and i5 3570 with 8gb ram.
Also i have the latest nvidia driver which is dedicated to windows 10.
Is it just me or are there others who has problems also like this?


I don’t trust free stuff


ESPECIALLY when it’s from Microsoft…


It works completely fine.


How much did they pay you to lie, Rex?


Not enough because I can still say “This game absolutely loves to brick my computer and it’s extremely infuriating.”



we all upgraded to windows 10 and got like 10 fps more