Is evolve "coming back to life"?

After the updated hunt mode with the ranking system and the hype of the new tier 5 hunters and monster do you guys think more people have gone back on evolve while before some people were arguing of evolve was “dead”?

All games decrease in population over time and expansions only make bumps in participation. The only exception is Eve Online, which has seen continual slow population growth, and started from a considerably small base. The question that should be asked is if the rate of population decrease is slower. This is indicative of greater player interest.

The only population indicator I can think of that is public would be the steam activity charts. You should go there and see if the line is flatter there since the release of new modes.


In all seriousness, the game has had a small boost in population since the patch but they need to release it free for a weekend or something to try to get more players in now that the new patch is out.

I think players who wanted to play “only monster”, or “only hunter”, and “no connect to game-in-progress” can come back.

I know that there are over or close to 100k players on console.

With the new leaderboards I played my first match as Hank the other day and after the match I was in 94k place range.

I don’t know how low the list goes, but I’d say it’s pretty good considering most people thought it was worse.

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no the playerbase is arround the same maybe 300 more ppl

only a few ppl know about the update there was like no advertisment at all

A few reasons why it won’t be going back up yet.

1: Walmart and other stores still have the game marked up to $60 a pop, while the online price has dropped to $25-26 a copy. Who is gonna buy a game in a store for first two month pricing when the game has been out for awhile now.

2: Still feels like an up hill battle to play the game. The game play is amazing now but the new ranking point system is potato, playing 30-40 games in a row getting one point each then losing it all in one loss/ lag out.

Get those two things fixed and perhaps we will see a growth in pop and not a decrease.

My WalMart has it for $35

Your Walmart apparently likes people, ours has Evolve and Halo anniversary for $60 still (Ohio) lol…

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