Is Evolve Being Fixed?

The answer to the title is yes, of course Evolve is being fixed and progressing but it is clear there is no way of the community knowing what is going on which is why we are getting the same bugs and suggestions constantly being put on the forums. I have a suggestion, because it seems a lot of the community is blind and would like to know what is going on, could we have some sort of daily updates tab?

Even if its a thread devs can post in on a daily basis to say what bugs are being fixed and worked on. That will allow us as a community to be reassured that our worries are being dealt with and we can stop repetition on these forums.

Just looking at the threads there are a lot of the same questions, so lets get some answers. All I can say is let this thread be seen and tell whoever needs to be told to make this happen, even if its just one member of TRS listing what’s going down since it would be nice to know. :relaxed:

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'Twould be nice not to have 30 threads about the same thing pop up consistently.


Well, there’s this: Evolve Bugfixes - In progress, Current Patch, Previous Fixes [UPDATE INCOMING]

While daily updates would be nice, i don’t think it’s practical, because they’d either be giving away too much of their internal workings or taking too much time to edit it.

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Ah well might as well take this thread down.

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He can take it down for you then.

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As you wish.