Is E-Sports part of the problem?


I feel like many people have become far too serious about videogames. Many keep saying “They’re forcing me to buy DLC because OF COURSE I’ll need all the hunters to make competitive comps.”

They’re confusing this with LoL and forgetting that simple skill can go a long way over small differences between hunter effectiveness. Not only that, it strikes me as particularly OCD when people think they absolutely NEED to collect them all.


I think of it less as OCD and more as simply being kind of spoiled by F2P. " This multiplayer game is holding off content until I pay, unlike the other one I like, so this is just bull. "


A) When you release/tweak a Hunter/Monster, competetive leagues are going to ban it until the end of season anyways.

B) Before being introduced to competetive play, every league worth playing in will make sure that nothing is OP.

C) Why the heck would I need to pay for DLCs to get Hunters/Monsters when they are going to be on par in balance with the old ones anyways?

If people can’t understand that, they have no experience with comparable comp scenes and how they work, and thus their opinion on the matter has little value.


“Not only that, it strikes me as particularly OCD when people think they absolutely NEED to collect them all.”

Raised with pokemon. shits pretty much hard wired in my system now.


I think that gaming has become a ‘viable’ hobby now and so people will naturally take it more seriously with this change.


As you said, this isn’t LoL. It’s not pay to win (hate me, LoL players >:) ). Turtle Rock cares very deeply about balance, and there also aren’t going to be 150 hunters as far as I can tell.

I don’t think that Esports is the problem, I think it’s that so many gaming companies have ripped us all off that no one can trust them anymore. But I honestly believe that Turtle Rock (not so much 2k) is going to come through on this. I don’t like paid DLC, but the devs have already stated that it would just be too expensive for them to release it all for free. They have paychecks to write.

If the Esports scene really kicks off, and TRS sponsors it and is able to make a lot of money annually off of it, maybe we’d start seeing cheaper or free DLC. But for now, just rejoice knowing that the maps and updates are free, and that these guys care about balance. League of Legends is free to play, so the best way for them to make money has been to release broken champions so that people can pay $10 for a few free wins. Evolve is a paid game, so I’m not so worried about that.