Is dome currently exploitably bugged?


Played a game earlier as monster and got matched up against a group that seemed a bit off.

When they trapped me in the first dome, we were pretty early in the game so I wasn’t all that strong. The dome lasted nearly 4 minutes. The whole time, I’m wondering when the hell the dome is going to break.

After it breaks, I run because I’ve lost a bit of health during the fight. They trapped me again within a minute. This dome lasts around 2 and a half minutes.

1 minute later, I’m trapped again, this time for 2 more minutes. Eventually I gave up because it was getting irritating that I legitimately could do nothing because I was constantly trapped in a dome.

Is this some sort of glitch? I’ve only just started playing the F2P variant so maybe something changed since I originally played? I was under the impression that it was a 1 minute CD regardless of


The dome CD is 80 seconds so I do believe that it is not bugged. If you look at this gyazo link, you’ll see the dome mechanics form another thread


I’m wondering more about the duration more than the CD. The cooldown felt much more normal to me.


Yeah if you look at the gyazo link, it’ll show you that the Dome has a 5min duration and loses time based on certain criteria.



Strange mechanic but I see what you’re saying now. So every 80 seconds I can be trapped for up to 5 minutes.


Yeah it was implemented to prevent the wole Flee 'till 3 tactic where monsters would flee until stage 3 then fight where they could practically not lose. Now you’re forced to fight if captured otherwise yore wasting a lot of time. 5 out of the 12 or 15 min (idrk the match length) is alot of time wasted, plus I like the new system, it prevents people from griefing unlike the old system where the trapper could refuse to throw the dome practically losing the game for the hunters.


In short my friend

You can decrease the breaktime of the dome if:

  • you down a hunter (3:30 minutes minus for the dome total duration)
  • you starting to get hurt (healthbar) ( 1 minute - 10 seconds minus)
  • you are all allone in the dome (completly removes the dome within a few seconds)


Dont forget if the trapper leaves the dome


Correct correct!


It realy seems irritatin at first but that system is perfect.
It is fast paced, true… the legacy hunters and monsters won’t like it at first most likely but I love it.


Incorrect. Dome only collapses if NO hunters are in the dome for a period of about 5-10 seconds. Trapper can leave all day, never has to be in for it to stay up. Downing the hunter who threw the dome or if the person who threw the dome exists has no bearing currently.


You also have to consider that if the monster and hunters play the way they’re supposed to the dome will last much less than 5 minutes, and often even less than the previous duration.


Your avatar is perfect for this comment.


Hunters can’t leave the Dome to start with, they’re stuck inside with the monster the moment they enter.


Welp, time to yell at shredder for mis informing me


Kala’s warp pads allow them to.


Ya, what @Buckman71 said. Kala can teleport people out.


I’m an older player and I stopped playing a while back, but could someone explain to me how this new dome system keeps the ‘Hold the dome’ strategy from working? I’m looking over the new mechanics and I’m just not seeing it.

Not bashing it, just curious. I think it’s a very well-balanced system for both sides.


The timer can be decreased in two ways:

  • If the Monster incaps a Hunter, the timer decreases by 3.5 minutes (210 seconds).
  • If the Hunters deal health damage to the Monster, the timer is reduced in 60 second increments.

Stage 1: -60 seconds for every 4% of health lost
Stage 2: -60 seconds for every 6.5% of health lost
Stage 3: -60 seconds for every 8.5% of health lost

Once the timer decreases to 0:00, the Dome will drop. A loud buzzer sound is triggered as the Dome counts down before dropping.


One thing I see is: if the monster downs a hunter, they got to wait 10 seconds until they are able to throw the dome. So, baiting the monster to stay in a fight is risky.

Another thing is, why would you even want to hold it? If you dome the monster with low or almost no armor, he’ll lose health so quickly, the dome wouldn’t last a minute.
If you throw the dome early tho, you got all the time you need to break through his armor.
In the end, the fight would probably go on for the same time in both situations, with the same amount of health damage done. Holding the dome or not.

And if the monster already lost like two bars of health and then gets domed after the hunters held it, then it’s kinda his fault for not running away.
You got so much stamina to get away from a fight now, you shouldn’t get baited by a hunter team that wants to hold the dome.
Low on armor? Run.

I guess in some situations holding the dome might still give the hunters some advantage, but far less than before.