Is destroying relay a 'bad sportsmanship'?


So, I’ve made a few mistakes during my match as a monster. Basically, I got overconfident after getting 2 downs on stage 1 with no health loss, after which I relaxed and didn’t pay much attention to what is happening. Long story short, it’s stage 3 and I’m at the ‘beach’ on orbital drill, with 1 bar of health and just downed 2 hunters after which dome dropped. I decided to rush relay while they are busy reviving, but they immediately started calling me ‘Pussy’ and telling me to ‘Fight like a man’.

Well, I wouldn’t, but they got there in time and I could not finish what I started, so I had to retreat in attempt to gain at least some armor, was domed, downed med and sup again, but, well, the others finished me off. And they started insulting me post-game, for not being ‘gud’, ‘coward’, etc.

So, is it bad to go for relay? Even if I estimate my odds of winning 4v1 in current hp/armor situation as ‘zero’.

I don’t see much relays destroyed when I am a hunter, especially when all 4 hunters are alive, but being below average monster, I’d rather go for relay, then fight good team.


It’s not, they’re just salty.


Nah. It’s there for a reason, it gives monsters a second winning condition. It’s no better than hunters running the timer down-

Also this.


You did nothing wrong, most of the time the relay is there to force the hunters to fight you. But it can serve as another means of winning


uhmm no…
They let it happen, they could;ve stopped it but didn’t.
If there was only one person left, then you could’ve just killed them too. So either way they earned that defeat, once the monster is stage 3 the Hunter’s main objective moves to protecting the relay by means of killing the monster.

If they can’t stop you, its them that needs to get good.


Azmiiiii, we don’t… :stuck_out_tongue:


I always go for the relay. Sometimes I even had a last survivor watching me destroy the relay right next to me. If you don’t get in my way, I won’t kill you.


I can’t get good. :stuck_out_tongue: I am good, and that makes good great.

I also find poking at the relay every once in a while helps to pressure hunters from running away too far during a relay fight.


They were just getting in your head and trying to psych you out so you wouldn’t attack the relay and win.

As a monster you have to learn to enjoy the flavor of hunter tears.


I think there’s nothing wrong with destroying the relay when no hunter is there.

The only thing I don’t like is “cheesing the relay”: I don’t like it if monsters are constantly trying to deal damage to the relay through the hunters’ shots. They try get some free beating time with throwing Rocks or Rock Walls and then just punch at the relay one health point at a time.


I don’t know how Behemoth can cheese it now though.


Yeah, it doesn’t really work but many try it nonetheless and it’s annoying. And sometimes hunters get bored and make a mistake. :smiley:


If hunters are around then I tend to fight them. If they want to run off to try and chance getting people back on the dropship, then I’m going to cut that nonsense short and just kill the relay.


The whole point of the Monster is to destroy the relay


Don’t worry, you did the right thing.

I once had a case where the assault called me a pussy for leaving the dome everytime I run out of armor (even though I managed to put strikes on everyone).

Some people just have personality issues…


Absolutely not. It’s the very objective monster has. Telling monsters not to destroy relay is as same as telling hunters not to hunt.


It’s just extremely lame imo.

In the 6000 games ive played I have never destroyed the relay.


Destroying the relay is a valid end-game tactic.

Period, end of story


Complaining about a relay win is like complaining about the monster pouncing the last hunter. It only happens if you really fucked up and deserved the loss anyway.

Unless it’s that stupid ‘strategy’ of bum-rushing the relay after luring the hunters to the edge of the map S2. That’s a cheap, unfun way to end the match and I still don’t think it should be a thing.


By puking all the gouda he ate over the relay?