Is Destiny getting any better?


When I first played the beta to Bungie’s game Destiny, I thought it was a real far cry from what I thought the game was going to be. Worlds were actually pretty small, the game didn’t have an amazing story as promised, and I felt the enemy AI was less to be desired. Also, each raid boss is just a slightly larger version than other enemy types in the game!

However, lately I’ve been playing the game Warframe (which some contribute to be almost like Destiny). I have gotten used to grinding for better gear, along with unresponsive MMO-esque AI. So I was wondering, would I enjoy Destiny as much as I enjoy Warframe? Could any of you tell me if it has gotten at least a little bit better since it released? Should I just wait until a $60 dollar version with DLC included?


Yeah, don’t bother…It’s still bad.


The new DLC doesn’t even have a raid. XD


nope. stick to warframe. better game and more to do.


I cringe when I hear “Destiny.” Absolutley nothing to do in that game once you have done everything. Crucible eventually gets old, and there is no goal in sight. I’ll stick to Evolve and MKX.


Nope, I don’t regret selling it either


Come on guys, the game isn’t that bad. I mean I haven’t played it in over a month and the only reason I’m going to pick it up is because I already have the DLC prepaid but still, when there is stuff to do the game is pretty solid. Sure it has a hell of a lot of problems and Bungie basically lied to build hype before release but still, the game is alright. When there is stuff to do, I can’t stress that enough. XD


is that a good game?, I was having a think about getting it. though I do seem rather obsessed with evolve atm


Honestly, I wouldn’t bother. The only area that has a solid story is Earth, and to stay competitive in the Crucible you will be eventually forced to grind the high level raids repeatedly in order to have the legendary guns.

Edit: OH, Warframe? Been considering it myself.


Warframe is okay, its free. I played it for about a week but the whole thing feels kinda blah, not the best quality. Especially when you’re trying to build something and it takes half the day for the little machine to process your item unless you pay to speed it up. It could be fun but has a bad case of free-to-play syndrome.


Destiny= lack of content. Dark Below = Weak. I would not recommend Destiny…It is doing the exact same thing weekly and daily…

Worse of all… My Medic Friend has gone back to the dark side of Destiny… =( I will never join him…lol


Destiny is a great game. I’ts multiplayer is your classic arena battle. (I haven’t been into that much since I started with Unreal tournament) There is a lot of strategy in terms of weapons, burns, equipment, characters, etc. that you can learn to become a better PVP players. They have good weekly’s, monthly’s goals to achieve. The Dev’s are constantly evolving the game overtime. The story is a mystery in a lot of areas, in game content. You can delve into the lore through the grimoire, online, etc. Destiny will continue to grow overtime. However, you have to invest a significant amount of time into the game to realize the strengths of the game. Don’t pay attention to people that only played it for 2 weeks on release compared to a Destiny veteran.


hmm, dunno then. I suppose since it’s free I’ve nothing to lose. cant see evolve being knocked off my most played list anytime soon, though fable legends,elder scrolls online and spite all look interesting.


Fable, I’ll be hooked on that especially since its free.


I’ve put in well over a thousand hours and you’re kind of right.

There is a sweet spot you need to be in to enjoy the game, play to little and it doesn’t seem that great, play to much (where I am) then there is literally nothing left to do and you just sit around re-playing the same content for weeks waiting for the next expansion. When you have every exotic in the game and every piece of raid gear, there’s really not a lot of motivation to play. When you are in that sweet middle ground though… the game is great. To bad that feeling just doesn’t last.


I bought it when I got a PS4, played for a few hours for a few days, and found nothing uniquely enjoyable about it. The production values are very nice, but everything from the writing to the AI to the predictable encounters and fairly generic Halo enemies turned me off. It looks very nice, but the world feels particularly small, and I wasn’t all that interested in seeing more (like say, the way I wanted to explore the crap out of Borderlands 2). “Oh, it’s sorta-Russia. Oh, I have a space motorcycle. Oh, I can get a gun like this that shoots fire. If I play for 200 more hours I can get some cool looking stuff.” I dunno. I was deeply underwhelmed and not driven to experience the entire game. The enemies you have to fight in huge numbers are not all that interesting. Maybe I would have enjoyed it more on PC, I dunno - I don’t love playing shooters on console.


Yeah the world is small, the story is non-existent, the entire game is to short. They half-assed the “campaign” portion in favor of being a jack of all trades but a master of none. There are lots of things to do but not enough of each of them to feel whole, you get a handful of watered down features instead of sticking to one and really shining like Wolfenstien’s solo campaign or Evolve’s multiplayer.


Yup it’s like Bungie is fucking it up on purpose with each dlc.


I really like warframe. I played it on Ps4 but i didn’t find it enjoyable because I got my favorite character by paying real cash. I took it back up on pc with a different profile and am having a lot of fun. It does get repetitive and grindy sometimes, but gameplay is fun enough to keep me coming back.


I can’t tell. Still can’t stay connected for more than a hour a day…