Is Deepest Dark canon?


Like, lore wise, is there really a Gorgon Queen? Is this REALLY the future of Shear? I don’t particularly understand how this ties into the game lore wise.


Yes, it fits in with the Lore of Renegabe and Waggie


Waggie isn’t confirmed to have lore, though.

Also, they aren’t canon. They don’t tie in with the lore of the main game. They may fit in with some sort of alternate Shear, but they certainly don’t fit in with the current game.


No, but I know somewhere I read that Renegabe ties itself to Waggie’s era which is the same as Renegabes. Therefore Waggie does have some sorta lore but nothing directly told


If you could quote that for me, that’d be great.


I don’t know where, hint word of somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:



best quote eva


Yeah, I know. However, you must remember at least a couple keywords that you could search up in the search tab without bringing in a Dev.



This is the Fall of Shear. Only a handful of hunters remain to stop the spread of monsters across the galaxy. Abraham Presley is one of the last of the original twelve planet tamers who came to this world, unaware of the secret hidden here.

Sworn to seek vengeance for the deaths of those he cared about, Abe is no longer the charismatic smuggler, the scrounger. He’s now a hard-bitten warrior of the wasteland. Leaving behind his trapper gear, he takes up the mantle of his fallen friends, and becomes an Assault Hunter.

As the monsters infect this world with their caustic chemistry, the air becomes toxic, unbreathable. It burns the lungs, stings the eyes. The heroes must now wear masks to breathe and see…and conceal their growing despair.

This; it’s implied, not specifically stated. It’s why she’s called Wasteland Maggie and has a mask similar to Renegade Abe. Now Parnell has a whole helmet.


That doesn’t say anything about Maggie.


They said that all of the variants occur at different times during the Evolve timeline.


Could you show me a quote that says that?


It’s heavily implied.
Do you need a Dev to come here and say, “Yes, Wasteland Maggie fits into Renegade Abe’s lore?”


I’ll try to find it


I don’t need it, but I’d like it. Is there a problem with wanting to be 100% about something such as that?


Well, there isn’t a problem with it but part of the point of most of this is having fun with the speculation. When nothing is set in stone it could be anything, so why not just assume what makes the most sense must be the answer?


Of course,where else would E.M.E.T nuke the monsters and then f#ck them in the dark ?
Seriously now,I would find it cool if it were part of the story,since we would know that there is a Gorgon Queen giving birth to other Gorgons.


Because I’d prefer to actually know. I’m sorry that I want confirmation about a question I have.


There you go


Yes, it’s cannon. Like this.

  1. Evolve
  2. Cataclysm/Mad Maggs/Renegade Abe/Meteor
  3. Phantom/RVal/Blitz/THank/
  4. The Deepest Dark/HHyde
  5. OP/QCaira/CBucket/Electro/Elder
  6. Paladin Parnell

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