Is Crow Hard for you?


I’m just wondering. A lot of people seem to play the other Trappers over him. I just want to know why. My main question being, is he hard to play as? If he is, what makes him so? Is it the accuracy required to be effective? Is it a difficulty understanding his kit? Is it a difficulty making his kit effective? Do you think the other Trappers are better? What is it?


Two things for me. I have trouble seeing small things, so when I tag a monster that’s far off I usually don’t even know because I can’t see his tiny outline. And I have no idea what to do with Gobi, so I just end up throwing him down long paths I think the monster might be down.


I think he’s good where he is now. He’s not overpowered, or weak, he just takes time getting used to and there are times when you need to know when to use full charge or quick shots on both his guns, Gobi isn’t the best for tracking, but not the worst.


I like him, I really like him. But the stasis is too easy right now. There are instances where the stasis was a meter or two away from the monster and it would still hit them.


That’s what it’s supposed to do. The charged shot as a radius if 2m.


So what I’m getting from @BEAF and @Terry_Locke is that his kit is hard to use and learn. Is that correct?


Yeah, for sure


Takes time to learn


All I see are players kicking back and playing Mags.

I’ll use Crow situationally as like any other Hunter.


Never had a problem with crow I’ve won some of my best matches with him. Once I have the monster locked in with gobi I won’t lose him, stasis is easy I mainly hold it and shoot over and over until the monsters armor is like 2 bars or something, then the long rifle is easy I just don’t like the scope.

:crow: long live crow


I found using Gobi kind of difficult, I’m not the best at initially finding the monster, but after that I’m pretty solid once I’ve seen him at least once.
His weapons are fairly simple to never had issues , land nearly all of my stasis shots .
He’s a moderately difficult character IMO .


But do you think it’s moderately difficult to use his kit effectively, especially in a fight?


No not really its pretty simple, keep the monster slowed, pierce armor, once armor’s broken rapid fire rinse and repeat. I love it, I love sniping. I find his tracking more difficult, as maybe sad as that sounds. I’m not very good at finding a monster for the first time, but that’s my fault not crow’s .


Do you think it’s easy for lower skilled players to pick this up? From my understanding, a lot of my friends don’t pick him because it’s difficult to get everything timed correctly.


No just boring


Jesus, how many of these crow threads have you made?


I play him all the time although I would understand why he wouldn’t be taken on console. If I get a good dome at stage 1 regardless if the team get through the armour I am able to charge shot a bar off making the engagement worth while which is why I love him. Not to mention his spread buffs are great and Gobis nerf is hardly noticeable.


I believe 5.


This I don’t understand. Crow is all I play on PS4.


The reason he wouldn’t be taken by most on console is because he is FAR more effective while being accurate and getting the charge head shots. I would still take him if I played console because I still think I could be vary accurate with him but the average player clearly doesn’t think they can with a controller and Crow.