Is Coop AI monster different to Hunt AI monster?


We started a normal hunt match, but monster DC on load, so it was a bot.
Now, I grinded in Coop a lot during 10x event, and it was like a walk in a park. Monster never attacks, unless domed, never really focused anyone, always switching targets, etc. Even if you were stupid enough to trap alone, and team didn’t reach dome in time, you could just deactivate it when low on health and monster would runaway, leaving you with 50 hp.

Now, I expected this fight to be like that in hunt. But AI turned out to be absolutely ruthless compared to that in Coop. It engaged me without dome when I found him, my team was pretty rookie (5-8 hour players), I domed and deactivated in hope that it will runaway, but it did not runaway, and instead focussed me to death, then our medic arrived and he gave him no chance - focus until med dies. It only fleed when got some bars taken away.

This was much much better experience than one I had in coop, closer to real player behavior. At least some challenge.
Why is it so much easier in coop?


I haven’t had an AI controlled monster in hunt in forever, but if they are different then I’d guess it’s because “Co-op vs AI” is usually the game mode people look for to learn the ropes before jumping into a real match. (I recognize some people play it regularly and that’s not intended as a jab at them or anything.)


Yes it is different. The AI in Hunt is more comparable to the Training Mode/Hunter Try Out AI.
Co-Op AI is like you’re part of a video streaming team and testing stuff out on a Monster. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know what it is, but I feel like this whole AI is so much worst than what it was in “normal” version. I don’t think that there is AI in Hunt anymore, once a monster player leaves, hunters win. And I haven’t seen a game starting without one.


It is probably because coop vs ai monster is very new and they are improving it until it gets better than old ai so they can release higher difficulty AI for coop.