Is CoD WWII a worthy get?


I’d recommend Titanfall 2 over WWII, but I have heard some good things about it. The campaign for WWII is pretty short though, like around six hours (but standard for CODs).


Don’t waste your money on this garbage it offers nothing new (besides good graphics) as expected from this garbage series: Same gameplay, same scripted campaign, same everything. What’s worse is that the developers said it will be “historically accurate” yet you pick up a Soviet PPSH-41 from a Nazi, oh and there are black female Nazis in the multiplayer LMAOOO!!! Not to mention there were already too many WWII CODs, that were more historically accurate. The franchise needs to die already, but thank you casual gamers for making this effortless copy-and-paste cash grab sell like hot cakes, we owe you that one out.


Why call of duty is trash

@Katt the SWCS deployment patches :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Shepherd is a *******, indeed.
But that doesn’t make the entire CoD series bad. Modern Warfare stuff were great when they first came out. About CoD WWII? It is pretty much trash.


No no… This is pretty trash :slight_smile:



I forgot the “much”.


There there


Lol, well rather a harsh judgement, but I heard that the campaign is trash and that the series is just getting more awful with every release. :stuck_out_tongue:


It is honestly the most fun I’ve had in a CoD since world at war, but I also play with homies which none of us have ever been any good in a CoD before. We didn’t get CoD in space we’ve only got ye the treyarch ones for zombles Ghost was complete ass we haven’t had a good CoD (in our opinion for a very long time) but if you put your stupid irrational biases aside this ones a solid game. It obviously has issues some weirder than others like only one of my 3 homies NEEDS to restart his game whenever we back out of a lobby, other people I guess have server issues (we don’t and we all have the same internet so I think that may be a thing) and there was just a patch that screwed some things up mainly on a convenience level not gameplay by any means but I’m sure by Christmas it’ll be resolved. The biggest issue we have is the 4 of us all hate this same stupid awful camping/sniping promoting level… buuuuut it rarely gets voted for so whatever