Is CoD WWII a worthy get?


I might get this for Christmas, depending on how popular it is. Since I’m here, I might as well ask this community whether it is a good get or not. On a scale of one to ten, vote how much you would encourage me to get the game, one being don’t get its trash, and 10 being this is best game ever totally get.

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I searched some review they were mostly like 3-4 stars.


Is it that bad?


As a heads up, I’m voting it low simply because the franchise needs to move on :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol ok sure


It’s rated M 17+ though. Are your parents okay with that?


They don’t really care unless they actually come over and see some dying. If they don’t see it or hear it, they ok.


Katt you know not to ask people about their parents! It’s just creepy and weird!


My 4 year old plays Evolve and thats M rated :stuck_out_tongue: I’m a horrible human being :’(


Stabs for being so horrible


Thanks for the mocking tone leader and Max.


Hey, at least he had fun and even managed to win a highly monster favored arena best of 3 as Glacial against 1 human and 3 ais so I still get the proud feels :slight_smile:


you could be honest… the end result could be greater freedom in the future… just an idea.


Gave it a 2.
Would not recommend but if you play then there is a playerbase.
I’d recommend a game like Titanfall 2 or Rainbow 6 Siege if you want a first person shooter.


I wasn’t mocking. I was merely mentioning that my son also plays M rated games to and because of that I’m a horrible person/cow thingy… sometimes… maybe…


Awww Katt. We aren’t mocking you we’re just making jokes!


Please, stop replying to me.


Erm, okay I guess. Have a nice day!


Both very good game! I recommend both as well! Be careful though as RSS can put you with pretty toxic teammates at times. I dunno what console you’re on but if you have an xbone I can show you the ropes (Even tho I suck) at some point


Might consider