Is A Joke?


Now this was a huge eater egg that someone mis-coded and found the name of out T5 Medic and then someone found it was a site.

Now here are examples:

In CMET’s Terraforming page in the first paragraph under the grass you see is “Here at Celestial Materials Extraction and Transport, we believe that a home can be made anywhere.”

“Celestial Materials Extraction and Transport” Celestial is a company in the world of Evolve if I am pretty sure

Then in the Mining page there is the big font that says “Getting a rock from the Far Arm back the HUB is now as simple as skipping stones”

The Far Arm is referred to Shear many times in Evolve and HUB is a planet/ship in Evolve

Now this makes me think that Evolve/TRS created this website just for the Easter egg

Can someone tell me if this was always known or something no one has ever talked about


Yep, it’s always been known. The website was made for the end credits secret message.

My favorites are the testimonials.

“Factor was a rough colony.” XD

Cause you know, they’re dead. :smiley:


Yes, after I was done re-decoding the ending video and found the website, @mizx checked the WHOIS for it and it was registered by Matthew Colville and Jerod Bennett.


Made me giggle


I wish I could say the same for them. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sigh Poop, I don’t get on the forums much do I?


It’s not like doing something else other than searching and reading posts on the forums is bad.

Although I should probably do my homework…


Yeeah… it’s kinda old news now. Also, I’m pretty sure Hub is earth or earths solar system. Nobody really likes earth anymore I think.



The Far Arm is the furthest arm from us in our spiraling galaxy. That is where Shear is located.

Hub* is Earth’s solar system. It’s central hub of humanity, where we first came from.


Oops, well thank you guys anyway!

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