Is Caira Shear's Disney Princess?


Watching her animations on the main menu screams “Disney Princess”.


Yes she is. Let’s leave it at that. And Parnell is Ben 10.


But ben ten is white and has a watch that can turn him into any alien


Have you heard Parnell’s favorite line?

“It’s Hero Time!”

Or is it reference time? XD


HELP!! I love using Caira but I can’t level up the healing granade launcher 2 stars it says “Revive 15 teammates” I’ve revived them normally by holding the square button… I’ve revived them with the healing grenades by just shooting grenades at them until the skull gets full and nothing seems to work it doesn’t count them I’m at 0/15… I tried doing it in evacuation thinking maybe it’s the game mode and still doesn’t work I tried doing it with 2 or 3 star perks and it doesn’t work Please help I can’t level up because I’m stuck with that one weapon at 1 star


Just heal them with the grenades when they are incapacitated. The skull has to actually go away and they stand up for it to count. Rescue is one of the best places to level up that challenge cause healing all the survivors counts towards the goal. If you simply want to get it done, just go into solo mode, select custom match, choose “rescue” and whatever map you want, set the favor to hunters and anything else you might want. It makes the match fairly easy and you can just focus on reviving people with the grenades.


I did that already I rescued the survivors and my teammates by just shooting the grenades until they get up and it doesn’t count


“The cold never bothered me anyway!”


It should be the decoy never bothered me anyway or something like that