Is Caira OP?


I think yes


Yes he is.

Oh wait I thought you said Lazarus. Caira is not.


Lazarus is the least viable in competitive matches.When we will have actual tournaments you’ll see no1 will pick him simply because of his lack of heals.Monster can bring him down very fast so no resses from him.

As of Caira she is not that OP.Her heals miss a lot and its not that great of a heal.Unless the hunters group and she heals 3 of them at once.


Saying her heals miss a lot is very subjective to the player, I rarely miss her heals because I simply know how to aim and understand her arc and how your own traveling speed can have an effect on the thrown healing grenade.

She’s far from OP though, this is just a word that everyone throws around because they got stomped or something. her healing capability is amazing without a doubt, the advantage to going against her is that you don’t have to worry about any ninja reses or any tranq darts slowing you and revealing your position.


Not op just hard to bring down due to her grenade + healburst combo, she is definately killable but may require you to bring down trapper or support who will likely prevent you getting close or damaging her


Even though her healing method is very convenient and her adrenaline boost is wonderful strategically the fact is that even if a good Monster doesn’t focus her down past Stage 1 her grenade spam can’t really keep up with a Monster determined to put another Hunter down. It may slow them and make them prone to getting hit by someone but as long as the Monster can keep ahead of her curve it is pretty fair all around.


I feel like the % of people who do tournaments is very very low, so for everything else I have no problems with Lazarus. In pugs I always lose the matches when I don’t get medic.

As for Caira, I originally liked her for the speed burst, but as you get better tracking monsters it becomes a crutch you don’t need. Her heals do too little, I hate when I try to revive someone with it and after a full clip they aren’t even close to getting up.


Wow great job explaining your reasoning



It takes a life time also to revive people from distance, the monster already focuses you. Wow these OP threads are tedious, are people making these threads trying to ruin the game ?


I remember all those games that died because of threads on a forum


Believe it or not but when someone cries OP OP OP all the time things can be changed and it would ruin caria for some people.


No character is overpowered considering the competition they are up against.


She’s not OP, she’s just the best healer in my opinion. I frequently get ~12k heals a match on her but it actually takes skill to be able to hit your targets and do good with her.


Nah, caira ain’t OP. I’ve took her down plenty of times with ease. All hunters are perfectly balanced, people just complain because they’re probably fighting well-skilled players. It’s the people with skills that make people think that the character is OP.