Is Bucket still viable?


Poor guy, I rarely see him picked anymore.

I guess that’s normal, the new hunters just came out and everyone wants to still be them but while I see Hank and Cabot still in play from time to time Bucket seems to be rarely seen. Could it be because Hank/Sunny are really attractive helping the healer with shields while Cabot back’s up the assault with 2x damage? I guess Bucket would be the support class to back up the trapper and provide additional monster information on where it is, but provided the trapper knows where it is, the UAV ability is not needed so much.


In the right hands, he can do a hell of a lot of damage. The problem is that Cabot does the same thing just as well, more easily, and with greater utility.


I love Bucket and I play him often, but I don’t think he is really competitively viable.

In his current state he can’t quite compete with the defensive potential of Hank and Sunny.

Since Cabot’s nerf I consider Cabot garbage personally, and rarely see him in my games - no contender for Bucket.

All I think Bucket needs to compete would be a ~ 50% - 100% range increase on the Turrets in my opinion.

This is the current range, for reference.

Tiny, isn’t it?


Bucket is far more consistent in my experience, though Torvald makes the Damage Amp a bit better in evasive domes.

The Damage Amp is hugely, hugely overrated in my experience - and Bucket’s UAV beats Cabot’s Dust for utility.

I think Bucket just needs a little more consistency in five Sentry Gun area denial to compete with the better Supports.


Not really. UAV can be more redundant than helpful, while splitting your team up into an awkward 2-1-1 situation. A lot of Monster players nowadays rely on speed rather than stealth, so Bucket puts you at a disadvantage in that regard. If the UAV was faster and easier to control it’d probably be more helpful with the quick pace of an online Evolve match. He’s supposed to be a damage Support like Cabot, but defensive rather than offensive - the problem being that his damage isn’t particularly good, outclassed by every other Support including Sunny who has only one weapon. His turrets are certainly useful if it ends up in a relay defense fight, they have high DPS potential but pretty short range and they’re easily destroyed. I like the idea of his guided missiles, but the damage is underwhelming even after the buff and his reload feels really long. He doesn’t do anything better than anyone else.


Dust tagging reveals Monsters quickly, easily, and outlines them through walls.

Also by utility I mainly meant shooting through walls. :stuck_out_tongue:


Cabot is just better. He took a damage nerf, big deal - he’s still gonna contribute way more damage than Bucket is, Dust Tag is far easier to use and you can do it while keeping up with your team.

Yeah, a straight double damage buff for your Assault, that’s practically useless… (…)


It has a downside, but getting an early bead on the Monster is hugely important for landing early Domes, and not-Maggie Trappers can struggle with it.

If anything I’ve seen sneak starts become more popular with less players picking Maggie in recent times - it practically guarantees time along until the first birds when done correctly.

Bucket definitely wants to position somewhere where he can meet the team relatively quickly though.

A faster UAV would be somewhat useful, but not really necessary.

I would love it to be less picky on ascent and descent though.

It can be outright painful to try to get it to rise enough to not bump into a cliff sometimes.

Ooooh I beg to differ on his damage potential.

If the team is fighting around five Sentry Guns against an aggressive Monster while he constantly fires his gun, I like my chances at outdamaging any Support - unless the Monster takes a shower in an Orbital Barrage or jogs over a Damage Amp’d Minefield.

The Sentry Guns are actually a bit absurdly durable - it really takes an ability to clear them in a timely manner - but I fully agree on the stubby range.

It is generally hard to damage an evasive Monsters with the Guns as no exception, but they can be miracle workers in defensive matches.


Dust tagging helps the team stick on the Monster if they already saw them - much less useful than keeping them on track consistently and helping with the weak early game of some Trappers.

Shooting through walls rarely does anything of importance beyond the occasional Relay cheese.


I severely doubt that, and Dust and UAV are different in uses.

With UAV I can really cut down on the time where the Hunters run around cluelessly against a sneak start, and keep a nigh constant bead on them so we always know where to go.

With Dust you can kind of keep on the Monster’s tail when he is near…which Bucket can also do.

Damage Amp isn’t useless, but it is highly overrated.

Assaults aren’t doing much damage at all against evasive Monsters, and they are only hitting damage levels that make the Amp worth using a small fraction of the time.

I’ll take Bucket’s more consistent and less glamorous constant chipping over that.

I think people overrate the Damage Amp because it is so flashy the few times it really pays off - Bucket Turrets are relatively invisible. Burst looks more powerful than constant damage at first glance.


Bucket is an easy hunter to defeat :slight_smile:
Hank proves to be challenging in the right hands


As an Assault main who played a lot of Markov, I’ll take a Cabot with damage amp & dust tag over a Bucket with turrets & UAV any time. I dunno if you noticed yet that Behemoth heavy melee destroys turrets in one hit, but with most Monsters it’s 2 melee attacks, and against Kraken they are utterly useless. I’d rather have Cabot amping when I do connect to make it count than waiting around for Kraken or even Wraith to hang out in front of a turret. Cabot can drop a dust tag on a huge radius while running alongside the team, but Bucket needs to post up and fiddle with his drone that can barely turn. I’m just saying, he can be okay with a good player, but the reason nobody uses him competitively isn’t that they don’t understand his hidden potential - it’s very practical to pick literally any other Support.


I agree with you. I love this character so much, but currently Bucket is the weakest support.

Bucket’s Guided Missile Launcher is below-average firearm. It deals acceptable damage per shot; but the magazine size, reload time and missile travel speed is too small, too long, and too slow. Support is the sub-damage dealer in a hunt team, and Bucket’s GML fails to compete with Laser Cutter, Rail Cannon and Mininuke Launcher.

So Bucket supplements his weak primary with Sentry Guns.
But the problem is, they are also weak.
Short detection range, not-100% accuracy, needs all 5 Sentry Guns to effectively deal damage. They also require good placements during battle, and that is mostly when a teammate is being focused and needs Bucket’s Cloaking Field.
And Sentry Guns are supposed to provide a defensive area, but they aren’t good enough. They lack direct protection capability. It is dealing damage to flush the Monster away, not like Hank’s Shield Projector or Sunny’s Shield Drone that provide actual damage mitigation. Monster doesn’t matter if there are 5 Sentry Guns near the Hunter who is in a critical condition. It doesn’t care about it, and will just dive in and incapacitate him or her unless the Monster is nearly dead as well.

And UAV. This thing is too situational. Valuable when a team needs to split to find a sneaking Monster, or when you figured out where the Monster is but you cannot check it out due to unsafety. Other than that it is useless. When there is Maggie you don’t need an UAV because Daisy knows the Monster’s location. Especially, after when a Trapper like Abe or Crow’s Gobi tags the Monster, it is very unlikely to be needed again. And plus, it has terrible movement control.

Guided Missile Launcher should have 6 missiles on a magazine, 20% faster missile travel speed and 20% better missile turning power.
Sentry Guns could use a 30m detection radius upgrade to deal consistent damage, or 50% faster rate of fire to actually threaten the Monster.
UAV is in a dire need of movement control fix. I personally think UAV should receive an additional function buff that can be exploded to deal 1 segment of Armor damage to nearby targets, but those 2 buffs on GML and Sentry Guns are enough.


That’s always annoyed me- why is the GML so weak? The laser cutter benefits from weakpoints, has pinpoint accuracy and a steady, good stream of damage. The mininuke is overpowered right now. The Railcannon, despite the nerfs, still does an excellent chunk of damage, can crit, and is hitscan. And can GO THROUGH WALLS.

The Missile Launcher? Slow, difficult to land on a moving target, lackluster damage…why?


I actually see him picked more than Cabot. Hank is common (as he’s very good + default char for empty spots/late picks), Sunny is new and very good. Bucket’s usage definitley rose since the Trapper challenge because people wanted to compensate for the lack of Daisy. I don’t enjoy playing him much outside of defend or maybe nest but he’s more common than Cabot in my experience.


What do you mean “still” viable? I don’t recall him ever being viable outside of low and mid level pubs.


He means after the introduction of Sunny, I should think.

Also, Bucket is MONSTROUS against Behemoth…


The turrets seem to have a very crappy accuracy for their little range. The drone head animation and locking into place takes looooooooong and it’s quite the drawback to leave the team. I’d rather go with it auto tracking or have bucket auto follow the team, unable to use any weapon while the head is active.


I have played a lot of Bucket, and in my opinion his UAV is very powerful, but that is all he brings to the table.
All five turrets deals about the same damage as Markov’s lightning gun, which isn’t a lot considering how hard it is to bait the monster into all the 5 turrets. He is also weak against a monster that refuse to commit and instead hide all over the arena.

His turrets are very weak against Kraken, as well.

If it was up to me, I’d probably double the damage his turrets deals, and instead lowered it from there if the need arises.
I’d also increase their range, because I have found the areas you can make a proper kill zone is severely limited by their range.
And secondary fire should place the turrets 20 meters or so in the air, at the cost of not being able to hit ground target.


I still find Bucket viable.

  1. He’s fantastic at applying pressure passively. I can UAV a monster six times before stage2, and can still make it into domes.
  2. He’s one of the few supports that can set up interference zones, and defensive zones for your medic. He plies further punishment onto monsters who want to dive for the kill. He works great with Lazerous (Defensive position+cloak+lazerous cloak. that’s a lot of defense), and is even good at corralling a kraken if done right. I prefer to put turrets on the edge of high ground while the monster is domed, to try and force it to stay low.

It takes a team to make bucket work. He’s not an MVP like Sunny or Torvald (who can win games with little synergy). I find that Bucket is really a unique style of play since you really aren’t “with” your team-mates during most of the game. You’re off in UAV land…

Things that annoy bucket? Trappers who cannot take advantage of UAV tagged monsters. Medics who can’t keep the trapper up the time it takes to get from UAV launch site to the dome :frowning:


i really don’t know why so many people don’t like him or say he is bad.

bucket is awesome. you can pull out so much damage when used in the right hands and he is still the best support to fight a stage 3 wraith in my opinion. his only weaknes is fighting the kraken because of his flying mobility.
bucket has still my second highest win rate out of all my hunters :wink:


Gml does a lot of damage, but the missilss are to slow in comparison to the other guns.


It’s the UAV. It’s borderline useless, especially now as the game tends to be a faster pace. It only helps when you have a bad trapper.

Bucket’s turrets are totally viable though, provided you have someone on the team that makes use of Weakspots like Val, Lazurus or Torvald.

Like Markov’s mines however, you need to plan and place your turrets well and coordinate the rest of the team around them or push the monster into them.

I use him every chance i get but it’s that UAV… it needs to offer more for seperating you from the party and only doing what any trapper can do already.